2016 Briarwood Messenger Editions

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April 2016: download a PDF copy (1.36mb) or read it below.

2015 Briarwood Messenger Editions

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September 2016 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the September 2016 Briarwood Messenger (1.34 mb), or read it below.

President's Message

Happy Fall Briarwood residents! I have to admit, after all the emails and comments the Board received from some of you concerning changes to our documents, I was very disappointed by the turn out at our last Board meeting in July. The Board was so excited to get this much input, that we made arrangements to have our HOA attorney Stephen Thompson, attend the meeting to explain the process of rewriting our documents. Unfortunately, while we had a few of our residents that attend our regular monthly meetings there, I did not see anyone who had sent me emails with their concerns. Keep in mind, the cost of this process will be somewhere around $5,000.

This being said, I will do my best to convey where we are with our document revision. Our attorney explained that, because of the many changes in the state statutes, we must do a restatement of our documents to bring them current with the present state laws. He also explained that, since his firm has been engaged in this process for many other HOA’s, they have produced a standard document that can be used to start this process. One of his major points was that we, as a community, need to work together to make any changes that we would like to see take place. This includes, but is not limited to, ARC regulations, our fining process, rental limitations, etc. The biggest obstacle in this process, is that we will need a majority vote of the homeowners to make these changes take effect. His recommendation was, that he would start reviewing our present documents to make the necessary changes to meet the new state statutes for our review. He then suggested that we form a committee to start obtaining owner input into what other changes we would like to incorporate. Again, any changes could only be made with a majority vote of the homeowners.

I believe it is in our best interest to start by forming this committee at our next Board meeting in September. Therefore, I urge as many of our residents as possible to attend this meeting so we can begin the process. This is your opportunity to help make your community the safest and best place to live in Manatee County. Please make plans to join us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the residents and other Board members for allowing me the privilege of serving on this Board for the past year and a half. Unfortunately, an unexpected financial situation has put me in the situation where I need to sell my home in Briarwood. With so many important issues needing to be decided in the coming year, I feel that it would not be fair to the residents for me to remain on the Board and serve as your President. Because of this, I will be resigning my position on the Board, effective at the next Board meeting, September 20th. Thanks again, and I look forward to a great meeting in September.

Financial Statement

As of July 12th, 2016, our Operating Fund held $126,137. In addition to that, our layered CD accounts totaled $108,315., as well as our Reserve Money Market Account of $60,569., for total assets of $295,041.

With two more homes in the process of foreclosure sales, the community, as a whole, will benefit. Not only will unpaid HOA fees be caught up; but the properties, themselves, will be maintained and cared for again.

Thankfully, there are only a few remaining unattended homes, which gives us a much better financial outlook. Again, any resident is encouraged to call the Citizen Action Center at 941-748-2071, and report the addresses of homes that are vacant and a safety concern. The more fines that the banks that own them receive, the quicker they may move their foreclosure sales.


Our HOA Assessment Fees of $260.00 bi-annually, are due Sept. 1st, with late fees charged after Sept. 30th. Hopefully, our residents appreciate the reasonable fees we pay considering the expenditures that are covered. Rest assured, you have a Board that is constantly working to keep these fees to a minimum.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

The Board has been able to continue reviewing ARC requests in a timely fashion with meetings only every other month. In the last 2 meetings, the Board has reviewed and approved new paint colors, new garage doors and fence additions.

Community Maintenance

Just as we need to maintain our own individual properties, our Board is responsible for the maintenance of our common properties. Our major upkeep is spent on our two pools and our landscaping. In the past few months the following decisions and expenditures have been made:

  • Tree Removal: including 3 palm trees and 2 pine trees, with the lowest of 3 bids chosen.
  • Tennis Court: including a new net, a new gate closure.
  • Swimming Pools: including the repair of a lounge chair, the purchase of a new clock, and a new sign for emergency and safety equipment due to the repeated vandalism.
  • New Signs: two will be placed at each entrance to post notice of “NO SOLICITING”.
  • FOB Computer Repair: RSS, our pool FOB security service has been contacted and has agreed to repair our computer at the pools. Jason Miller will install an external hard drive and back up our information on The Cloud for $50.00 a year.

The Board is still considering whether to only make repairs to the sections of our 33rd Street wall that need it, or to completely replace the whole wall. The quotes received so far, have proven it will be a very costly undertaking.

In addition, the Board has seen the need to contact Galaxy Pools, who holds our pool cleaning contract, due to unsatisfactory service. The Board has also listened to complaints about work, covered in our contract with Yellowstone Landscaping, formerly Austin Outdoor, which is not being completed in our contracted time span. The Board discussed the need for a Scope of Work to be added to our contract with the Cleaning Butler, which cleans our pool bathrooms. They will be asked to clean the pool lounge chairs, which they are not doing. The Board asked our Casey Management Representative to ask Aquagenix, our contracted lake maintenance, to provide reports each time they treat or make visits to our lakes. They are supposed to be treating our lakes twice a month during the summer months, and once a month the remainder of the year.

Is anyone still wondering why we need a Board of Directors for this community? They can’t be on watch 24 hours a day, so please contact any of them through their email addresses provided, and report any abuse or vandalism at the pools, including those making use of our pools that do not live in our community. The Pool Patrol would appreciate anyone that can identify the person(s) that continue to leave the locks open on the bathroom doors at the pool to keep them open. This has been occurring virtually every Sunday.


Our HOA attorney has filed our Statement of Marketable Title Action with Manatee County. Therefore, our governing documents, as a Homeowner’s Association, have been preserved before the deadline.

Are You Prepared?

The Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District has asked communities to spread the reminder with our recent weather events. Please be mindful of these suggested actions to take should our area receive a direct hit from a major storm. It could be the difference in saving a life; but might at least save you from some major physical or emotional pain.

  • Place flashlights around the house for use when entering a room, with extra batteries for each one.
  • Always wear shoes during a storm, to protect your feet from broken glass and allow you to move quickly if needed.
  • Purchase enough water for each person in your home. At a minimum, have a 3-day supply of one gallon per person, per day.
  • If you smell gas after the storm, shut the gas off at the meter valve coming out of the ground. It should only be a quarter turn. The electric can be turned off at the panel box. Shut off all single breakers first, before turning off the main switch. The water lines may have a valve coming into the home from the street, or it may be located near the water heater. Know how to turn all of these off before the storm.


  • Important papers
  • Flashlights (extra batteries)
  • Medications
  • Water
  • Cash
  • Fuel
  • Phone numbers
  • Electric, gas & water shut offs
  • Weather radio (battery powered)

Briarwood Website

Let's face it, if you are reading this, then you probably know about the website, but just in case, here is the information printed in this edition of the Messenger newsletter:

Did you know that with a valid account sign-in, you can download a PDF copy of the Covenants, Conditions, Easements and Restrictions of Briarwood, with Amendments and Supplement included? This PDF file was retyped from documents obtained from the Circuit Court of Manatee County. This makes the PDF file searchable and has bookmarks to make finding the section of interest to you easier. Feel free to make use of this added tool, as many do not receive these documents at the time of their home purchase.

Want to share something with your neighbors that you have witnessed or experienced for their benefit? You can file an Incident Report on our website. You can also look to see what incidents have been reported by dates. It is also the place to find the number for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, non-emergency number, 941-747-3011.

The Briarwood Website received over 400 hits from 93 unique visitors in the past month. We are glad to be able to provide such a convenient resource for our residents. Some of the resources users are accessing include copies of this and previous newsletters, Financials, Meeting Minutes, access to the Architectural Review form and much more. If you haven’t already done so, sign up today!

New Casey Representative

Many thanks to Kim Bittar for her service to our community and residents. She has moved on to another community management position; but her husband, John, will be taking her place as the representative for Briarwood. He can be reached by email

Covenants Reminder

These are just a few Sections of our Covenants that you might be interested in knowing:

  • Section 5.1 (g) Improved Property: shall be kept free of rubbish, and the lawn and landscaping maintained, and exterior portions of the buildings shall not be permitted to become unsightly.
  • Section 5.1 (f) Parking: only standard size automobiles, pick-up trucks, vans and police vehicles may be parked in view on a lot and only in the driveway. No vehicles may be parked overnight on the street, except for occasional guests.
  • Section 4.3 Nuisances: no noxious or offensive activities that may become a nuisance or substantial detriment to other property owners.
  • Section 4.6 Animals: …any domestic canine shall be kept on a leash when outside. No animals are to be kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose and none shall be allowed to become a nuisance to other residents of the neighborhood. No animals shall be allowed to create noise audible on any adjoining lot to such an extent as to be offensive to a person of ordinary sensitivity.

If you feel that your rights are being infringed upon by any resident who is disregarding these or any other sections of our covenants, you may make a Compliance Complaint through this website, or contact Casey Management. Even better, send a picture of the infraction to Casey Management.

Want to connect with other neighbors?

Several residents have already done so by going to the NEXT DOOR app for cell phones and computers. Give it a try!

Welcome to our New Neighbors

  • Jennifer Wemmell
    2803 57th Drive E.
  • Gary Watson
    2834 56th Ave. Circle E.
  • David & Charlene Haberstroh
    3145 57th Ave. Circle E.
  • Megan Miller & Tyler Gray
    5721 28th Ave. Dr. E.
  • George & Karen Latham
    2923 57th Drive E.
  • Anil Akublut
    3002 58th Terrace E.
  • Ariel Recchioni
    2869 56th Ave. Circle E.
  • Jeffrey & Heather Myers
    3174 57th Ave. Circle E.
  • Ronald & Kelly Kinlaw
    2828 59th Ave. E.
  • Michael & Jo Anne Sherman
    3112 58th Terrace E.
  • George Thomas & Mini George
    5851 28th Lane E.
  • Kevin & Laura Bartels
    5619 29th St. E.
  • Harland & Linda Tolhurst
    2855 59th Ave. E.

Please extend a warm welcome to our new residents. For those of you who are new, if you weren’t given a copy of our HOA documents or keys to the pools and tennis courts, you can receive them by contacting John Bittar, our Casey Management representative.

Recycle Bins

The new bins need to be 3’ away from other object (including other trash cans) or the machine can’t pick them up. We suggest putting it on one side of the driveway and trash on the other. Collection is on Thursdays.

Plan Now for the Briarwood Annual Yard Sale

Our annual community yard sale is held on the first Saturday of November. Therefore, this year’s sale will be Sat., Nov. 5th, beginning at 8:00 AM. The Board will submit and pay for the ad in the local paper and signs will be posted at the two front entrances.

Monthly Ladies Luncheon

The women of Briarwood meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30 AM for lunch at various local restaurants. All are welcome and invited. Contact Sally Lowe at (941) 758-4220 for locations and reservations. Please RSVP.

Monthly Mens Luncheon

Come join the gentle-men of Briarwood on each second Thursday of the month. For locations and times, contact Jim Crummy at (941) 758-0409.

Contact Board Members

John Pardi: President
Gil Young: Vice-President
Doug Dillon: Secretary
Betsy Hawkins: Treasurer
Jeffrey Philips: Director
Tonya McDonald: Newsletter Editor
Contact Casey Management

Please contact us about your concerns or needs. We can’t address them if we don’t know about them.

April 2016 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the April 2016 Briarwood Messenger (1.36 mb), or read it below.

President’s Message

It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by already. It has been a very educational year for me, as I learned many things about our neighborhood. I learned that our irrigation is getting old and we are experiencing many pipe failures due to age and roots from trees that are now much larger than when planted. I learned that our front wall is starting to deteriorate and the estimates we have received are in the $40-$50 thousand range. I learned that we might be getting new neighbors soon and will then be required to do extensive work on plantings along our northern border. I also learned that we have a very dedicated group of people who make sure that our pools are being used and maintained properly. However, the most interesting thing I learned was that, while we have 355 homes in our community, we only have a handful of residents who participate in our monthly open Board meetings and the various committees we’ve formed. I mention this because the issues I pointed out are going to be very expensive projects, which we do not have adequate reserves to cover. As a result, these projects might require a special assessment in the near future. I believe it is very important that everyone participate in the process of operating and maintaining our community.

Having said that, one of the important items we have been able to accomplish is the renewal of our documents for the next 30 years. Therefore, the work on the project I originally set as my goal, of rewriting them to bring them in line with current state statutes, can now begin.

I look forward to seeing more participation within the coming year so we can continue to improve our community and keep your property values growing.

Thanks for your time and have a wonderful spring. -John Pardi

2016 New Board of Directors

As noted in your second notice of election and annual meeting, a quorum of 51% of residents was necessary to hold an election at the March 23rd meeting. Sad to say, we weren’t even close. Therefore, the two Board members with one year remaining in their term were required to appoint three additional members to complete the Board of Directors. Thankfully, Betsy Hawkins agreed to stay on another year as Treasurer as did Doug Dillon as Secretary.

Let’s give a big Briarwood thank you to Misty Pike for giving of her time for the last 3 years as Compliance Director and Vice-President.

Welcome to Gil Young, our new Board member and Vice President. Gil is recently retired from the local Fire/EMS service after 38 years. He grew up in Cape Coral, FL and has lived in the Bradenton area since 1980. He resides in Briarwood with his wife, Beth, who has lived here since early 2000. They spend their time together relaxing at home, traveling, attending family gatherings, and socializing with friends. Beth was also involved with the Fire/EMS service, and they both stay in touch with that part of their lives. Gil says he is honored to have been chosen as a Board member and will perform his duties, with all his capabilities and knowledge, to support the lifestyle that we all enjoy here in Briarwood.

Financial Statement

As of March 23, 2016, our Operating Fund is $145,272. In addition to that, our layered CD Accounts total $108,068 with another $58,112 in our Reserve Account for total assets of $311,452.

We all owe a note of thanks to Treasurer Betsy Hawkins and the members of the Budget Committee for holding our annual dues at $520 for the last 3 years.

Thanks to our diligent Board, Casey Management, and our legal counsel, we have a much lower level of accounts past due which benefits us all. Two properties were set to go into foreclosure sale in December and three more in January. Residents have been advised to call the Citizens Action Center at 941-748-2071 and report the addresses of homes that are vacant and a safety concern. By doing so, more fines may be added to the banks who own them, which may prompt them to move faster on foreclosure sales.

The Board accepted a bid from Menchinger and Tyak to handle our audit and taxes for 2015.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Our Board of Directors has been kept busy at our monthly meetings in considering the many changes that the residents of Briarwood continue to make to our aging properties. With the adoption of the Fine Policy last year, most of you are complying with the submission of an Architectural Review Form before making any changes to the exterior of your homes or property. In the last 6 months, the Board has approved new fences, gates, roofs, flag poles, TV antennas, additions to homes, outdoor barbecues, patios, driveway extensions, and new house paint colors. If and when there are enough volunteers to come forward to form a separate review committee to serve this purpose, our Board will no longer be required to do so at our meetings. Please remember that failing to submit the AR Form before the work is completed will result in the assessment of an automatic $100.00 fine. The fine may be appealed by submitting the required form within 2 weeks of receiving the fine letter.

Landscape Manners

Now that the warm weather is returning, so is the growth of all that is alive in our yards. A good neighbor will put forth the extra time needed to maintain their grass, trees and landscape plantings. That includes the elimination of weeds, dead plants, and grass clippings on the sidewalks, driveways and lakes. Please do not blow the cut grass into the lakes when mowing. When everyone does their part, we all benefit.

Resident Complaints

Apparently we need a refresher on the proper use of our sidewalks.

The purpose of the city owned and maintained sidewalks is for pedestrian traffic and there are laws that both prohibit and demand the use of them. The Board has had complaints concerning both.

Florida State Statute 316.130 states, where sidewalks are provided, no pedestrian shall, unless required by other circumstances, walk along and upon the portion of a roadway paved for vehicular traffic. The students of Braden River High School have been verbally warned by the Manatee County Sheriff’s patrol not to walk in the streets and to use the sidewalks. They have stated that the next time they are seen doing so, they will be ticketed at the cost of $64.50 each.

If anyone is cited after that, it could be with an Obstruction of Traffic violation, which could result in a trip to juvenile detention court. Please talk to your students and inform them of the law and the reason for it.

In addition, complaints have been made about residents, or their guests, parking in driveways, but over the sidewalk portion. This makes it unsafe for residents using the sidewalks to enter the street to go around the vehicles. This is also against the law and residents have been advised to call the Manatee County Sheriff’s office to file a complaint with the address and the license plate number.

Living in a community, as we do, requires living by a set of regulations that allows us all to live peacefully, as we share common properties. This includes keeping our pets on their leashes when not on our personal property and not allowing them to “do their business” without cleaning up after them.

In addition, the posted 20 mph speed limit is the law, not a suggestion. Please keep it safe for your neighbors, whether they are driving, biking or walking.

Pool Updates

Our pools are well used and in constant need of maintenance. Therefore, the pump motor needed to be replaced at the large pool in December. In addition, the gate at the large pool was replaced and all 4 pool flood lights, photocells, and canopy lights were replaced with LED lights.

Thanks to Kim Battar, our Management Rep., the Board was notified of the automatic renewal of our contract for the maintenance agreement on our pool access system at a cost of $2,200 annually. The Board was informed it had only been used once in the past year, and was advised to cancel the contract and pay per action needed. The Board voted in agreement.

Now that the water is warming up and school will soon be out, please follow the pool rules and report to Board members when you see those that are not. We can all be good stewards of our joint property by cleaning up after ourselves and reporting needed repairs when we see them.

Thankfully, the Pool Patrol catches a lot. Volunteers are needed, so If you can spend 10-15 minutes, one night a week, contact Doug.

Community Maintenance

The Board approved a bid from Yellowstone for $854 for the irrigation repair at the base of the oak tree on 58th Drive East. With this repair, the Board then proceeded with the approval of a new bid from Landscapes by Aaron for the replacement of dead plants along the 58th Drive East entrance at a cost of $2,647. In addition, a diseased palm was in need of removal near the front pond, which the Board approved Diversified Arbor Care to do at a cost of $220.00. They then approved the replacement planting of a cypress tree.

Pool Issues

The pool has had to be closed and disinfected due to fecal matter found. Residents have complained about young children being left at the pool alone, kids chasing the birds, as well as smoking inside the pool.

Residents should call the management company if they see any harmful activity and are asked to be respectful to both fellow neighbors and common property.

The Board discussed placing “No Smoking” signs at the pools and adding emergency lights in the ladies’ bathrooms.

Glass bottles are prohibited from the pool areas but have been found in the trash several times. The management company will now send letters to those using the pool within 48 hours prior to the bottles being found, to serve as a reminder of the rules.

Future Maintenance Compliance

At this time, there is no new information to pass along concerning the proposed Preserve at Walden Lake, north of our property. However, if and when they do begin development, there will be the need for major compliance updates along our northern border from the back of the current Gertz property to the Hwy 301 fence line. This would include irrigation repairs and required plantings.

MRTA – Preservation of HOA Documents

The Briarwood Board has given the approval for our attorney to proceed with the preparation of the necessary documents, Statement of Marketable Title Action, in order to renew and preserve our original Association declarations that were set to expire in two years. The cost associated with this is estimated at $700-1,000. If this step is not taken, our existence as a HOA would be null and void, affecting every home owner in the community.

Document Revision

President John Pardi is still requesting any volunteers to assist him in revising the current Association documents, originally written by the developer. There are several important reasons why changes need to be made for our documents to comply with current FL State Law. If this is something that interests you, please contact John.

Welcome to our New Neighbors

  • Kezhao Liu & Ping Qiu
    5822 28th Street East
  • John Dowd
    3226 58th Terrace East
  • Harry & Jeffrey Radner
    3144 57th Avenue Circle East
  • Robert & Florence Young
    5646 29th Street Circle East
  • Shelly McCormick
    3161 57th Avenue Circle East
  • David Hurt
    3111 37th Avenue Circle East
  • David & Diana Rigg
    2840 59th Avenue East
  • Alexander Sherman & Christina Campbell
    3112 58th Terrace E.

Apologies for Omissions in 2015 of:

  • Abner & Silvia Herrera
    5634 29th St. Circle East
  • Dale V. Vinopal
    2859 59th Ave. East
  • Eric Taylor
    5608 29th St. Circle East
  • Holly Switow
    3137 57th Ave. Circle East

Please extend a warm welcome to all of our new residents. For those of you who are new, you can receive a copy of our HOA documents or keys to the pools and tennis courts by contacting Kim Bittar, our Casey Management representative.

Change to Every-Other-Month Board Meetings

For those of you who attend our monthly Board meetings, please note that the Board voted at the January 2016 meeting to change our meetings to every other month. Special meetings can be considered if needed between scheduled meetings.

Next Board Meeting

will be Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 at 7:30 PM at the Worship Place, which is located at 5535 33rd St. East. All residents are encouraged to attend and provide feedback to the Board of Directors. Please come and let your voice and concerns be heard.

Monthly Ladies Luncheon

The women of Briarwood meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30 AM for lunch at various local restaurants. All are welcome and invited. Contact Sally Lowe at (941) 758-4220 for locations and reservations. Please RSVP.

Monthly Mens Luncheon

Come join the gentle-men of Briarwood on each second Thursday of the month. For locations and times, contact Jim Crummy at (941) 758-0409.

Editor’s Note

I do apologize for the decreased number of newsletters being published to keep you informed. If there is one among you who feels called to take this volunteer position on, please contact one of our Board members.

In the meantime, I will continue to keep you informed of all information, decisions made, and problems that need to be addressed as often as possible.

For those of you with internet access, I would encourage you to make use of the website we have at BriarwoodFL.com. It’s very easy to set up your ID and be able to review the monthly Board Minutes and Financial Statements.

You are also able to send messages to any Board member, our management company, the webmaster, or this editor. You can file an Incident Report, submit an Architectural Review Committee request, make a Compliance Complaint, and even advertise your business to your neighbors.

Contact Board Members

John Pardi: President
Gil Young: Vice-President
Doug Dillon: Secretary
Betsy Hawkins: Treasurer
Jeffrey Philips: Director
Tonya McDonald: Newsletter Editor
Contact Casey Management

Please contact us about your concerns or needs. We can’t address them if we don’t know about them.

October 2015 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the October 2015 Briarwood Messenger (1.37 mb), or read it below.

President’s Message

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 6 months that I’ve had the honor of being President of the Briarwood HOA. I hope everyone enjoyed this fantastic Florida summer we have had and your kids are enjoying the start of a new school year (yeah right). I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to my fellow Board members, who have continued to work on their projects wholeheartedly to improve our community. As I stated in my first letter, my project was to begin work on the process of refiling our documents to maintain our HOA status and determine the requirements to change the documents to reflect current state statutes. Although I have gotten a slow start, I am hoping to formalize a committee at the Oct. Board Meeting with a plan to meet and set up a strategy on how to accomplish these tasks. If you have any interest in how your community will be governed over the next 30 years, I strongly suggest you join me in this endeavor. We all have busy schedules; therefore, I will strive to keep committee meetings to a minimum. I need the help of this community to make this happen. It would be great to see more of you attend our monthly Board meetings; all input from fellow homeowners is appreciated. I urge everyone to visit our website to stay current on activities within our neighborhood. Thank you for supporting this Board and feel welcome to join us at the Oct. meeting. -John Pardi

New Casey Manager

As of the August meeting, April Lipstein is no longer with Casey Management. Our new community association manager, Kim Bittar, was introduced. She has been involved in Association Management for over 8 years, specializing in HOA management. She currently oversees the operations of the Lakewood Ranch office and manages a portfolio of East County HOAs. She enjoys the daily challenges and fast pace of Association Management. Her spare time is dedicated to her family, including two daughters, ages 14 and 2, that keep her very busy. Kim looks forward to working with the Briarwood Community. She stated that compliance will be a main focus, along with following up on delinquent accounts and providing recommendations.

Financial Statement

As of Sept. 8th, 2015, our Checking Account held $129,000. In August, the Board approved moving the funds in the Money Market account into staggered CD accounts to gain more interest. Therefore, the HOA has an additional $107,500. in CD’s, along with $54,600. in Reserves, for Total Assets of $291,100. Treasurer Betsy Hawkins, and her committee are working on next year’s budget. She would welcome any suggestions on projects that should be included. Please submit these to her email address. As of the Sept. 8th meeting, 2 homes were in the foreclosure process. In addition, 2 properties were in extreme arrears on assessment fees and were to be turned over to our attorney for legal action.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

A reminder to all residents, new and charter members, ANY AND ALL changes to the exterior of the house or property MUST be approved by this board. Until such time that we have volunteers to maintain this as a separate entity, our Board of Directors will fill this function at our monthly meetings. In the last quarter, the Board has received requests for new chain link fencing, painting, widening of driveways, new mailboxes, gutters, roof replacement, irrigation system, sod and landscape improvements, and patio additions. This form can be found and copied from our BriarwoodFL.com website.

June 9, 2015 - Adoption Of New Fine Policy

As a Resolution of the Board of Directors, any resident who fails to submit an Architectural Review Form before the work is completed will be assessed an automatic $100.00 fine. They may appeal this fine by submitting the required form within two weeks of the fining letter. Failure to do so will cause this fine to be applied to their ledger.

Compliance vs Fines

If you have received a Non-Compliance Notice recently, you already know how this fairly new system works. 50 letters were sent out in August alone.

For those who may need a refresher, this compliance process was instituted in 2014, along with a Fine Committee to carry it out, as a fair means whereby ALL residents would live up to their commitment to our community. Our manager, Kim, provides this committee of three residents with documentation of any non-compliance.

  1. A warning letter is sent out, giving residents 21 days to correct the violation or request an extension,
  2. A second warning letter is sent, providing 10 more days before fining will begin,
  3. A third letter is sent on the 31st day of the violation notice, fining residents $100.00 per day, up to 10 days, if necessary,
  4. Residents are given the opportunity to schedule a hearing before the Fine Committee within 14 days of the fine notice. Failure to do so will have the fine charged to their pay ledger with no recourse.

The Committee will have 3 days to deliberate after a hearing and a letter will be mailed, giving their judgment. They have the final authority to make a ruling that will uphold, reduce, increase or rescind a fine. Casey Management will only send a letter of violation after consultation with our Board Compliance Director. Most issues involve overgrown lawns and lake embankments, non-cleanliness of property, or vehicles parked in prohibited areas. FYI: Any resident can make an anonymous complaint of non-compliance from our website.

Policy Update

The Board resolved the policy on requesting Association information. Any resident may request an official record of the public documents or proceedings of the Briarwood Association by submitting the request in writing to the management company via Certified Mail.

Pool Improvements

With the summer use of the pools, several additions and maintenance issues have been addressed.

Large Pool: The Board voted to hire Paver Mac to pressure clean and seal the pavers. Some pavers were found to be loose and were replaced. The palm trees were trimmed and the fire extinguisher box was replaced due to rusting. The Board purchased 4 new aluminum lounge chairs, which were placed at the small pool. The 4 older chairs were moved to the large pool, as they all match. The Board is obtaining quotes to replace the gate/door, which is also rusting.

Small Pool: Quotes are also being considered to trim all the oak trees surrounding the pool to reduce the amount of leaves needing to be removed from it. The Pool Patrol has also been asked to empty the filter basket each night. Galaxy Pools was hired to replace the broken coping and will perform a stain cleaning treatment to the pool after the trees are trimmed. The spotlight inside the pool needed to be repaired. The pool was closed for several days after a resident reported feeling electricity near the light. An electrician was called twice to make an inspection and found it to be safe.

Pool Issues

The pool has had to be closed and disinfected due to fecal matter found. Residents have complained about young children being left at the pool alone, kids chasing the birds, as well as smoking inside the pool.

Residents should call the management company if they see any harmful activity, and are asked to be respectful to both fellow neighbors and common property.

The Board discussed placing “No Smoking” signs at the pools and adding emergency lights in the ladies’ bathrooms.

Glass bottles are prohibited from the pool areas but have been found in the trash several times. The management company will now send letters to those using the pool within 48 hours prior to the bottles being found, to serve as a reminder of the rules.

Board member Doug Dillon reports that our Pool Patrol is working well; but can always use more volunteers. If you can spend 10-15 minutes, one night a week, contact Doug.

Lake Maintenance

The Board obtained 3 proposals for a one year contract, beginning August 1st and including 18 inspections per year. They voted to change from our current contract with Aquatic Systems to Aquagenix, who was $100/month less.

Residents are reminded that grass clippings that are left on the sidewalks and streets end up in the lakes. For the health of our lakes, please discard them in yard waste, and blow them away from the water when mowing the lake perimeters.

Plant Replacements

The Board obtained 3 quotes to replace the dead plants along the 58th Drive entrance. Deter Landscape was chosen for their proposal of 181 plants at $2,494.

However, the Board voted to have the irrigation system repaired in this area before the planting takes place.

Safety for All

With another school year back in session, the Board asks all residents to obey the 20 MPH speed limit within our community. Please be mindful of walkers, bikers, and even birds crossing the streets. For personal safety, whether at home or away, keep all house and car doors locked at all times. Let’s not make it easy for anyone wanting to take what doesn’t belong to them.

The Golden Rule

With this rule in mind, please refrain from forcing your neighbors to listen to your noise overflow before 8:00 AM and after 9:00 PM.

This should go without saying, but includes: using outdoor motors, sound equipment or party noise, either from yourself or any contracted workers or guests at your residence.

33rd Street Wall Repair

Inspection of the walls at both entrances, and the one between them along 33rd St., has found them badly in need of repair. The growth of tree and shrub roots underneath has caused many cracks in the porous material. This has led to water seepage, causing even more damage.

President John Pardi, reported that he contacted Wilson Walls for an inspection and quote for repair work. Their quote was quite expensive and included the repair and repainting of the wall. No decision has been made at this time, but the Board will continue to research the best option.

Annual Briarwood Yard Sale

It’s again time to start planning for our annual community sale of unwanted items. Remember... one person’s trash is another one’s treasure. Mark your calendars for Sat., November 7th.

Chili Cook-off/Bake Sale

Do you have a favorite Chili recipe or love to bake?

This is your chance to show off your culinary skills and meet some of your neighbors.

If the interest is there, plans are being made to add our first ever Chili Cook-off and Bake Sale to our Annual Yard Sale day. This would be held at the large pool from 11:00 to 1:00. Suggestions are to charge a small “tasting fee” for a sample of available chili’s, and a purchase price for a full bowl. The chef with the most votes will take home the tasting purse. The Briarwood HOA could contribute hot dogs and buns, free to residents and for purchase for bargain shoppers. This profit could go toward the cost of our newspaper ad, as well as the cost of the food. We could also serve and sell coffee/hot chocolate or lemonade/iced tea, depending on the weather. Those who like to bake, could sell their specialties to those with a sweet tooth. These are all just ideas, and your suggestions and assistance in planning would be welcomed by contacting the Editor (Tonya). Entry forms will be available by sending a request to this email address, sending a request through the webpage, or filling one out at the October 13th Board Meeting.

Welcome to Our New Neighbors

  • Jose’ Fernandez & Sara Ruiz
    5731 29th Street East
  • Nga Thanh Smelser
    5811 31st Court East
  • Troy Funk
    5822 28th Street East
  • Joel Sabino
    5839 28th Lane East
  • Angel & Danielle DeJesus
    5811 28th Lane East
  • Marc & Susan Payne
    5646 29th Street Circle East
  • Lucila Souza
    5614 29th Street Circle East
  • Ryanne Coppinger
    2828 57th Drive East
  • Joel Harris
    5618 29th Street Circle East

If you have moved into our community and would like a visit with a Welcome Package, please contact any of the members listed to the right.

If you would like to join our Welcome Committee to greet and meet new neighbors, let us know. We’ve had several houses sold recently and I think we would all appreciate being welcomed into and receiving information about a new community.

For those of you that are new, you can receive a copy of our HOA documents or keys to the pools and tennis courts by contacting Kim Bittar at Casey Management.

Happy Halloween

Remember that this year Halloween is on Saturday, October 31.

We encourage Briarwood residents to turn on their porch lights and greet all the children that live in and visit our neighborhood on this festive night.

Please watch out for little ones as well as kids in dark costumes if you will be driving that evening. It’s a fun night, let’s keep it accident free.

Next Monthly Board Meeting

will be Tuesday, October 13th, 2015, at 7:30 PM at the Worship Place which is located at 5535 33rd Street East.

All residents are encouraged to attend and provide feedback to the Board of Directors. Without your contribution, they can’t know which issues are most important to you.

Monthly Ladies Luncheon

These women meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30 AM for lunch at various local restaurants.

All women of the community are invited. Contact Sally Lowe at (941) 758-4220 for reservations and locations. Please RSVP.

Monthly Mens Luncheon

The gentlemen of Briarwood also meet each month on the second Thursday.

For locations and the time, contact Jim Crummy at (941) 758-0409.

Contact Board Members

John Pardi: President
Misty Pike: Vice-President
Doug Dillon: Secretary
Betsy Hawkins: Treasurer
Jeffrey Philips: Director
Tonya McDonald: Newsletter Editor
Contact Casey Management

Please contact us about your concerns or needs. We can’t address them if we don’t know about them.

June 2015 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the June 2015 Briarwood Messenger (1.57 mb), or read it below.

Editor's Note

It’s been 5 long months since our last Briarwood newsletter and it looks like it’s me or nothing as your editor. So for now you will continue receiving the Messenger on a quarterly basis. For those of you with internet access, I would highly recommend going to BriarwoodFL.com to view our fantastic website. Not only can you read the newsletter, the monthly Board minutes and financial statements, you can send messages to any Board member, our management company, the webmaster, or this editor. You can file an Incident Report, submit an Architectural Review Committee request, make a Compliance Complaint, and even advertise your business.
A lot has taken place since we left off in December. First of all, as of March 25th, we have a new Board of Directors giving their time voluntarily to maintain this community on a day to day basis as well as directing us as we plan for our future needs and responsibilities. For the 69 that were either in attendance or voted by proxy at our annual meeting, thank you for your participation. Unfortunately, that percentage of our 355 homeowners did not produce the needed quorum. Therefore, our one remaining Board member, Doug Dillon, led the nominations of 4 additional members needed to form a required Board of Directors. Let’s give a big thanks to Elizabeth Hawkins and Misty Pike for agreeing to give us one more year of service. Allow me to introduce our two new Board Members: President, John Pardi and Director at Large, Jeff Philips.

President's Message

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new president of the Briarwood HOA. I have owned my home in Briarwood going on eleven years now, and am presently renting the property due to our family growth. My wife and I are hoping to move back once we are empty nested as we love the neighborhood and our home. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy and spent many years working on all types of vessels, from supertankers to private yachts. Since I moved to Florida I have been working in sales and service for the same family in numerous companies they own.
My reason for joining this Board is the neighborhood has really been improving the last 5 years and I felt it was my responsibility to help continue this progress. After sitting in on the last two Board meetings, I feel my priority is going to be in the revision of our documents and the renewal of our HOA certification paperwork. At this time we have three years to complete our recertification so I believe it’s an excellent time to also revise our documents to reflect the changes that have taken place in the legislation of Florida HOA’s. In order to complete this project, I will really need the support of the entire community as we will have to meet our quorum requirements to change the documents. If we don’t complete this recertification, the HOA will be dissolved and chaos could follow. I look forward to working with all of our residents to continue the great progress the Board has accomplished. -John Pardi

Introducing Jeffrey Phillips

Jeff Phillips and his wife Kayla moved to Briarwood in 2012. Jeff is a firefighter/EMT with West Manatee Fire and Rescue. He is also a team member of the Manatee County Hazmat team, Urban Search and Rescue team, and a Fire Academy instructor at Manatee Technical College. Jeff has also served as Vice-President and Secretary for the West Manatee Firefighters Association.

Welcome and Thanks

We welcome these two new volunteer members. By taking on their positions, these men will be required to attend a 3 hour Board Certification class within 90 days of their election according to FL Statutes.
Along with the welcomes comes a gracious thanks to exiting Board members and former presidents, Deborah Whitaker and Jason Miller. We cannot fathom the hours both have spent in meetings, on the phone, or physically giving of themselves for the betterment of our community. Although they deserve a much-needed rest, Jason has agreed to continue as webmaster of our website that he created, and also transition my words into an attractive newsletter for the community.

Financial Statement

As of April 30th, 2015 our Checking Account held $127,252 plus $50,228 in our Money Market Account and $43,415 in CD’s. In addition, we’re holding $51,944 in our Reserve Fund for Total Assets of $272,839.
Thank you to our new Finance Committee, formed in October, for the development of our 2015 Budget and for another year of no increase in our HOA fees. This not only comes from good management of contract bids and diligence against unpaid fees; but from new ideas for savings in the future. Any resident may request a copy of the financial statements when signing in at a Board meeting or by calling or emailing any Board member or our management company.

South Boundary Completed

After much time and effort, you can be proud of the looks of our southern boundary line. The invasive Brazilian Pepper trees have been removed, the existing irrigation system is operational, and the new planting of 300 county approved trees and shrubs has been completed; all at a total cost of $27,800.
New mulch has also been added for a great look. If you don’t live on this boundary you might think that is a waste of your money, but living here means living in accordance to the laws of this county. Let’s be thankful that we had the reserves to pay for it and the right people to make it happen. Let’s also hope that we move forward managing little problems before they become bigger problems.
New landscaping has also been added to the 33rd St. south gate to replace those that had died. Residents are welcome to enter through the gate and walk along the boundary to see what a few people have spent nearly a year working on.

Architectural Review Requests

There are many ongoing facelifts by homeowners within our community. The Board spends time at each monthly meeting going over the ARC requests for new exterior paint colors, gutters and downspouts, landscape changes (including tree removals, adding fences or brick pavers), replacement of windows, doors and roofs, and screened additions. If we had several owners with a construction background willing to serve on this committee it would save the Board the time spent on these each month. Contact any Board Member if you are willing.
Remember: Many of these changes require County permits as well.

New Landscape Contract

After experiencing some difficulties with TruScapes over contracted details within the last year, the Board made the decision in January to obtain bids to replace them.
Thanks to Doug and Tammy Dillon, a thorough scope of work has now been written for our Association to use in obtaining these and future bids.
A new Landscape Committee—formed by Elizabeth Hawkins and Richard Newby—narrowed the five quotes down to two lead candidates for the Board to consider. Both Oakley Landscape and Austin Outdoor Landscaping were interviewed. Austin Outdoor was chosen and a contract began on March 1st. They will also be making any irrigation repairs that need to be made.

Community Maintenance Completed

Branch Brothers was contracted to remove the dead pine tree and trim branches hanging over the roof at 2915 57th Ave. E. They also trimmed the limbs on the trees hanging over 57th Ave. E. to allow for a 14ft. clearance.
The Board contracted TGW Engineering, Inc. to perform a required inspection on our Phase 3 storm water management system for certification to SWFWMD. The system was found to be in satisfactory condition.
Bids are being obtained by our management company to: pressure wash the pavers at the large pool, per installer’s recommendation; reseal the tennis courts; and contract our lake maintenance.

Pools in the News

The Board obtained bids for cleaning quotes in February. Out of the three that were submitted, the Board voted to accept the bid for $4oo.oo monthly from Cleaning Butlers, asking for a separate bill for supplies. They are responsible for cleaning the pool deck and the bathrooms.
You may or may not have noticed that the Pool Hours have changed to Dawn to Dusk. All access FOBS have been adjusted accordingly. This was not a decision by our Board, it was mandated by a Manatee County ordinance that would close our pools completely if we did not comply. Contact a Board member if you have any questions concerning these changes.
It has been reported that the gate at the small pool was left propped open for a period of time. These gates are not to be left open for any purpose for reasons of safety and liability. Residents are asked to police these actions and report them to the Board. The FOB system will be able to detect the last person who opened the gate at that time, and pool privileges can be revoked.
If you are willing to volunteer for Pool Patrol one night a week, please contact Doug Dillon. The existence of this group of neighbors has rescued lounge chairs from the pool, stopped the shower from running all night, and recently found leaking and disabled toilets. A plumber was scheduled to replace the hardware of all four toilets during one service call to save money in the long term.
The Board is also obtaining estimates on the purchase of 4 new lounge chairs for the pools. In addition, several ideas are being considered to cover the small pool in some way to eliminate the buildup of oak leaves that fall into it.
Galaxy Pools is responsible for maintaining the pools themselves, including the water quality, the pump and filter equipment, and our county code compliance for such. As requested by the Board, they submitted a bid for a chemical wash without draining the pool to remove the stains. However, they recommended waiting until the decision has been made on how to cover or enclose it. These issues will be discussed and quotes considered at the June Board meeting.

No Swimming with the Fishes

You may have also noticed new signs posted along the common areas of our lakes. This is a requirement by our new insurance underwriter. A total of 8 “No Swimming” signs were placed throughout the community by resident Lee Anders. Please obey the rules and report any infractions. It was also reported that net fishing and turtle snatching has been going on by non-residents. It is up to us all to report any issues that need to be addressed to Board members or our management company by email, phone or through our website.

Update on the Preserve at Walden Lake

The Board has done all that can be done—within our rights as a community—concerning our new neighbors on the north boundary. By signing on to our website, you are now able to see an aerial view of the proposed construction in relation to Briarwood. By doing so, you will see that most of the planned buildings are much closer to 33rd Street than many originally thought. Only 1 of the 9 buildings will be directly adjacent to Briarwood property.

HOA Document Changes

As our new president stated, there are several changes that need to be made to our existing documents. The decisions that were made by the Board last year regarding the collections of late fees need to be updated and the present language prohibits us from collecting on “safe harbor.” The removal of old developer language is also needed, as well as the updating to the current state statutes.
Our original covenants were recorded in 1988 and must be renewed before the 30 year benchmark. A committee will need to be formed to assist our Board concerning these changes. Please consider this chance to volunteer your services if this is your area of expertise.
Another committee that could use another member is the Fine Committee. This committee is made up of 3 non-Board members, and only meets when a resident has asked for a hearing. A substitute is needed to fill in for any of the three.
Our management company has suggested that the Board consider implmentation of an application process for new potential homeowners or renters. This would allow for a background check and credit checks. Other communities have added this application process for safety and financial purposes. It would require a 51% approval of our homeowner membership and may be considered when making changes to our documents during reapplication.

Community Cleanup

Among their many other duties, our Board is responsible for the compliance of the maintenance of all 355 owned lots. It has been necessary to consult our attorney on two properties that are in foreclosure and badly in need of maintenance. The attorney will be asked to check their status and determine if we have the right to make the improvements by power washing, painting and making repairs on the exterior of the homes with Association funds, then billing the owner and placing a lien on the property if necessary. For those that live in the same vicinity of these unmaintained homes, let’s hope that some solution can be found.

Welcome to Our New Neighbors

  • Matthew Giresi @ 5725 31st Circle E.
  • Deborah Renner @ 3156 57th Ave. Circle E.
  • Matthew & Jaime Carlson @ 5634 29th St. Circle E.

If you have moved into our community and would like a visit with a Welcome Package, please contact any of the members listed to the right. If you would like to join our Welcome Committee to greet and meet new neighbors, let us know. We’ve had several houses sold recently and I think we would all appreciate being welcomed into and receiving information about a new community.
For those of you that are new, you can receive a copy of our HOA documents or keys to the pools and tennis courts by contacting Kim Bittar at Casey Management.

Monthly Ladies Luncheon

These women meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30 AM for lunch at various local restaurants. All women of the community are invited. Contact Barbara Hamilton at (941) 545-7118 for reservations and locations. Please RSVP.

Monthly Mens Luncheon

The gentlemen of Briarwood also meet each month on the second Thursday. For locations and the time, contact Jim Crummy at (941) 758-0409.

Summer Board Meeting Schedule

Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM at The Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. The meetings are now held in the new addition on the back. Meetings will be held June 9th, with NO meeting in July, and again on August 11th.

December 2014 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the December 2014 Briarwood Messenger (148 kb), or read it below.

President’s Message

The end of 2014 is upon us and it’s time to start looking forward to a new year. March, in particular, will be an important time for the Briarwood community. We have a few Board members whose terms will be expiring, and new people with fresh ideas will be sought. Are you interested in serving? We’d love to have you attend the January meeting so you can get an overview of what’s involved prior to election time at the March annual meeting. Hope to see you there!
-Jason Miller, President

Editor's Note

I apologize that it’s been nearly 3 months since the last Messenger. However, the Briarwood Board of Directors has not been sitting idle. Many of you have never been to a Board meeting. Many more have never met your fellow neighbors that serve, without compensation, on that Board. However, you should know that they do a lot more than show up for a meeting once a month. So, I hope you take the time to find out who they are and then thank them for their service to our community. After you read what has been accomplished and attended to in the last few months, ask yourself who would take care of all those things if we didn’t have a Board of Directors. I doubt it would be a community you or anyone else would want to live in. It is our responsibility, as homeowners, to keep it clean, safe, and maintained. The request is also being made for a volunteer to take over the job of “editor in chief” for the newsletter. It’s been almost 2 years for me, and that is long enough for any volunteer position, especially when we have so many to choose from in this community.


Mike Meehan has reported a positive progress with the new apartment complex being constructed on our north boundary. He relayed that the vacation of easement for the dead end street leading into that property should require less burden on the Association, as well as less money to acquire.

Board Member, Betsy Hawkins, thanked everyone that participated in the Annual Garage Sale on Nov. 1. A big thank you also goes out to all who have spent their time, talent and treasure to decorate their properties for the holidays. It definitely makes for a festive atmosphere in the community. A reminder to all residents that now, with such enjoyable weather, is a great time to attend to any yard clean-up or pressure washing that may need to be done.

You may have noticed that several residents have been actively improving their property appearance. A total of 14 Architectural Review Committee (ARC) requests have been applied for and approved in the last 3 months. They include 9 exterior paintings, 2 new roofs, new gutters and two driveways to be widened. The Board works hard to make this a quick process and still guarantee an attractive community.

Board Member, Misty Pike, reported that the west boundary gate was found open. Please be observant of anything that is out of place and contact a member or our management company.

Board Member, Doug Dillon, questioned who was responsible for the trash removal around the common areas, especially the pools. It was determined that TruScapes, as our contracted landscaper, should be doing so twice a month. Doug also stated that our faithful Pool Patrol reported the need for a plumber to repair the men’s restroom sink, and Galaxy Pools was called out when the pool was found overflowing. Doug requested more volunteers for the Pool Patrol, which consists of taking one night a week, after the 10 PM closing of the pools, to make an inspection. Contact Doug at Mybriarwood@hotmail.com if you are interested.

Financial Statement

As of Nov. 30th, 2014, our Checking Account held $109,921, plus $50,172 in our Money Market Account and $56,962 in CD’s. In addition, we’re holding $49,776 in our Reserve Fund for Total Assets of $266,831.

Betsy Hawkins, as Treasurer, reported that the Finance Committee met to develop the 2015 Proposed Budget which was mailed to all residents. It was decided to take the funds needed for the south boundary landscaping project from our Money Market Account, which exists out of a surplus from the maintenance fees of previous years. Therefore, the Proposed Budget allowed us all to remain at the same maintenance fee for another year. The 2015 Budget was approved by the Board at the Dec. 9th meeting.

The legal office of Najmy Thompson asked the Board to make a decision on pursuing an Association Foreclosure on 3 Briarwood properties. The Board chose to hold this option in reserve for now. At this time, there are 7 properties waiting on foreclosure or bankruptcy that account for $30,000.00 in unpaid Maintenance Fees.

Bids and Approvals

Seal & Restripe Large Pool Parking Lot: 4 bids were obtained. The Board accepted the bid by Asphalt Repairs which included making small repairs, resealing, restriping with a handicap parking space and a 5-year warranty.

Lighting at Both Pools: 3 bids were obtained. The Board accepted the bid by Sandrey Electrical which included replacing the two existing lights at the large pool, adding an additional light facing the tennis courts, and a light facing the parking lot at the small pool.

Pool Doors: 3 bids were obtained. The Board accepted the bid by Gale Force Windows, which included replacing all the pool doors with new fiberglass doors. The auto door closers will also be replaced. It was decided to keep the same green color for the doors.

Power Washing Small Pool Parking Lot and 33rd St. Walls: 4 bids were obtained. The Board accepted the bid by Southwest Services which included the east boundary walls, the north wall, and the shower wall at the big pool, in addition to the small pool parking lot.

Dead Tree Removal: 4 bids were obtained. The Board accepted the bid by Branch Brothers for the removal of two trees permitted by the County for removal; one behind the lake off of 57th Dr. E. and another at the front entrance of the south boundary. County code requires replacement of those trees. The Board voted to obtain these trees from Blue Skies Tree Farm.

Insurance Renewal: 4 quotes were obtained for liability insurance. The Board voted to change our policy to Robbins Insurance, giving us an increase in coverage and also one that is backed by the state of FL.

South Boundary Landscaping: President, Jason Miller, stresses the understanding that the completion of this project will be an expensive and multi-step process. Whether we like it or not, the site plan mandate cannot be changed. Only in working with the County on an ongoing basis, have we not already been fined for non-compliance. The first step was the removal of the Brazilian Pepper trees, which are highly invasive.
The Board obtained 4 bids from: TruScapes, Manatee Horticulture & Landscape, Branch Brothers and Austin Outdoor. The Board voted to accept the Branch Brothers proposal for complete removal of the trees. The existing irrigation system will need to be repaired. Last, but not least in cost, the Board will proceed with choosing new plants from the approved County lists of trees and shrubs.

New Residents

Please welcome Pastor Charles & Cynthia Rogers, 5710 31st Ct. E., to the neighborhood.

Next Monthly Meeting

Will be Tuesday, Jan. 13th, 2014, at 7:30 PM at The Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. E. All residents are encouraged to come.

October 2014 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the October 2014 Briarwood Messenger (675 kb), or read it below.

President's Message

March seems far away, but it will be here before you know it and it’s an important month for the Briarwood Community.

Our annual meeting is held the last Thursday of each month and it’s at this meeting that we elect new Board Members. Joining the Board is a great way to give back to the neighborhood and we would love to have some friendly, energetic, interested individuals participate in this leadership role.

If you’d like to be considered for a Board position, please contact Kim with Casey Management for more information.

-Jason Miller, President

September 9th Board Meeting Recap

Invited guest Betsy Benac, our District 7 County Commissioner, came to report on the new development north of us, The Preserve at Walden Lake. Jason read a report from Mr. Meehan, indicating a chain link fence will run along our northern border about 15 feet north of our property line. Commissioner Benac added that a meandering fence through the trees will provide for a 50 foot buffer remaining in a natural state, with a walking path on the north side. The closest building is proposed to be 100 foot from our property line. They will be required to remove exotic species, such as Brazilian Pepper trees, from their property. She also discussed the extension of the existing turning lane to the north of the Preserve entrance and a southbound deceleration right turn lane.
There has been no decision on the agreement to vacate the right of way for the dead end road section in Phase 3.

Thanks for the “See something, Say something”: Observant owner, Larry Stewart reported the broken sprinkler pipe on the south entrance. It saved us all potential dollars. We are all responsible for our common property. Even if you don’t use it, you are still paying for it. Please keep the Contact List close for future reference.

Financial Report: As of August 31st, 2014, our Checking Account held $134,850.00, plus $50,121.00 in our Money Market Account, and $56,524.00 in CD’s. In addition, we’re holding $48,177.00 in our Reserve Fund, for Total Assests of $289,672.00. The increase in over $40,000.00 is due to the collection of Sept. Association Fees. Thanks to all who paid in a timely manner.

Betsy Hawkins, Treasurer/Secretary, reported that Kathy Marcinkiewic has been added as the new Finance Committee member. She joins Betsy, Carey Miller and Jane Glanz. Betsy announced they will be meeting soon to begin work on the 2015 budget.

Pool Patrol: Doug Dillon reported that we have two new pool patrol volunteers for a total of five now. They have implemented a new system in which each volunteer is able to log in to our Briarwood website to report on their nightly patrol, and an automatic email is sent to Doug if any problems are reported. If you are interested in helping a night each week, Doug would be happy to hear from you.

Several problems at the big pool included the shower left running, the drain in the men’s bathroom, and residents moving the trash can to prop the door open. Doug will check into adding a spring load valve to the shower allowing it to shut off automatically and installing a prop-open alarm on the door. The need for a trash can at the small pool was also suggested.

Architectural Review Committee Requests: Three requests were reviewed and approved involving the additions of a flag pole, a lawn pole lantern, and a fence. A fourth request was made for the addition of a playhouse/swing set. It was approved after discussion and with stipulations.

Common Grounds Upkeep: The Board agreed to obtain bids on the trimming of all palm and oak trees on common grounds. Tru-Scapes is only responsible for trees up to 15 feet tall. The Board has consulted with Two Brothers Tree Trimming Service concerning problem trees. They have advised that three are dead and need to be removed. The Board agreed to obtain the permit to do so. The Board also agreed to obtain bids to clean the driveway/parking area at the little pool and pressure wash the front wall along 33rd Street. All contractors must be licensed and insured.

South Boundary Landscaping: So far, only one company from the bordering industrial park has agreed to try and remove their Brazilian Peppers that extend onto our property. The Board discussed the possibility of trimming the branches back to the property line. Betsy would appreciate any volunteers for this project.

Directors’ Comments: Board members Debbie Whitaker and Betsy Hawkins have been hard at work cleaning out the shrubs around the big pool and will plant new shrubs and a palm tree. Doug Dillon stressed the need to seal the blacktop surface at the big pool parking lot. He suggested that a new handicap parking space be added when it is re-striped afterward.

Owner Comments: The maintenance of our landscaping along the north border with the Preserve at Walden Lake was discussed, including the County requirements. It will probably be costly to us for new plantings to come to code and the maintenance of it. It was revealed that there are unused sprinkler heads along that boundary. The Board agreed they should be located and inspected for future use.

Breaking News

Betsy Hawkins relays that Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) has given Briarwood approval to remove some sections of lily pads from Lake 10, along the littoral shelf. Contact Betsy for the specific areas that have been outlined. No other vegetation can be removed. Their suggested plan will provide some open water habitat for bird utilization.

Meet and Eat

Join the men of Briarwood on the second Thursdays. Contact Jim Crummy for the time and place at 941-758-0409.

The ladies meet on the first Tuesdays at 11:30 AM. The Oct. 7th luncheon will be held at the Cracker Barrel on Cortez. Contact Jane Glanz for reservations.

Small Things

Sometimes it is the small things. A large trash can was added to the small pool by the water fountain to ease the load on the small restroom containers.

Compliance Report

During the month of July, a total of 27 compliance letters were sent out to our residence. Out of those, only four have yet to comply and received notices that fines are being accrued on their accounts.

Only two letters went out in August. One has since complied.

Ten letters have been sent thus far in September and we look forward to those owners helping make our community better.

Next Monthly Meeting

Will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 14th, 2014, at 7:30 PM at The Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. E. All residents are encouraged to come.

September 2014 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the September 2014 Briarwood Messenger (707 kb), or read it below.

President’s Message

Your Board of Directors has been a busy group as they get Briarwood in shape. There’s a lot happening in the community right now, so keep reading for a few quick updates.

South Boundary - The trees and bushes bordering our property need to be replanted to County specifications. Unfortunately, the industrial park has a serious Brazilian Pepper issue that’s impacting our ability to keep the flora there alive. We’ve asked them—as a courtesy since there’s no requirement for them to do so—to work with us on getting these invasive plants trimmed back so our new plantings can thrive. We’re just waiting to hear back from each of the four neighboring companies involved.

The Preserve at Walden Lake - Mr. Meehan is helping us work on gaining ownership of the dead-end road that abuts this new development. Taking control of this road will ensure residents to the North do not have an access road from within our own community.
We continue to monitor activity—from walking paths to fencing and traffic—with the new development to ensure minimal impact on our residents. Thank you to Michael Meehan for acting as our liaison on this. The Board always appreciates residents who pitch in!
If you are interested in helping with a project being undertaken, please don’t hesitate to contact a Board Member!
We can’t do it all.

August 12th Board Meeting Recap

Owner Comments: Residents expressed concern over trash and weeds around the fence at the big pool, questioned the percentage of renters in the community, and asked if the Welcome Committee could provide copies of our covenants to new renters.

Residents concerned about the proposed new development, especially those whose properties are along the north border, were encouraged to attend the county meetings and contact their County Commissioners.

Board Actions: The Board received two additional quotes to our current Workers’ Comp Insurance policy up for renewal. They voted in favor of changing from BB&T to Stephen Robbins Insurance for better quality coverage.

The Board received three quotes to replace five trees. They voted in favor of Blue Sky Landscaping, which was the only one that offered a one year warranty.

The Board voted in favor of authorizing Mr. Meehan to represent Briarwood in vacating the access road on the north border of the pending apartment complex with a cap of $6,000.00. The approved motion stipulates that when vacated to the two adjacent property owners, the two must promptly quit claim deed the property back to the Association.

The Board also agreed that Mr. Meehan should pursue an agreement regarding the placement of a fence bordering Briarwood property and to stipulate no pedestrian traffic so signs could legally be placed.

Architectural Review Committee Requests: A total of six requests were reviewed and approved involving paint color changes, installation of a flag pole, reinstallation of driveway pavers, the replacement of a pool cage, and a new screen enclosure for an existing patio.

Volunteers coming forward to fill the ARC Committee positions would eliminate the need for our Board members to consider each request at our monthly meetings. Contact a Board member if you are interested.

Financial Report: As of July 31, 2014, our Checking Account held $94,177.00, plus $50,109.00 in our Money Market Account, and $56,524.00 in CD’s. In addition, we’re holding $47,646.00 in our Reserve Fund, for Total Assets of $248,456.00.

Betsy Hawkins, Treasurer/Secretary, reported that we have no Finance Committee now that our resident CPA has moved out of state.

Directors’ Comments: Jason was thanked for compiling new Board Member Books for each member, to be passed to new upcoming members with all existing pertinent information.

Our attorney has been asked to file liens on two properties. The new fine committee is in place and 27 letters for non-compliance have been mailed in the last month. Misty Pike, Compliance Director, reported that most homeowners have made contact with the management company to correct the issues. Fines are not issued until the 31st day after letters are sent and no contact has been made.

Doug Dillon, Crime Watch Director, asked for volunteers to take a night patrol shift to check the pool areas. Several volunteers came forward, but it would be good to have at least 7, for each day of the week and back-ups. Contact him at the email provided. Contact any Board Member if you see anything that needs attention on our common grounds.

Misty Pike, Events Director, proposed a Halloween/Fall Festival gathering. If you are interested in assisting with this or have ideas, contact Misty. Halloween is on a Friday this year, with our Annual Community Garage/Yard Sale set for Sat., Nov. 1st.

Slow Down and Stay Alert

School is back in session and all residents are asked to watch their speed in the neighborhood. We all need to be reminded that the 20 mph limit is there for a reason. Let’s make sure that all of our joggers, dog walkers, and bike riders are able to do so safely.

Meet and Eat

The community Ladies Luncheon is held on the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30 AM. The next meeting will be Oct. 7th. The location changes each month and reservations are needed. Contact Sally Lowe at 941-758-4220.

The Men’s Luncheon is held on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Contact Jim Crummy for the time and place at 941-758-0409.

Jennifer Kenney has reported that, due to lack of interest, the neighborhood playgroup will no longer meet.

New Residents

If you have moved to the neighborhood in the last few months and have not received a welcome basket, please contact Debbie Whitaker at whitaker1briarwood@gmail.com. Include your phone number so Debbie can contact you or advise her of the best time to come for a visit.

Community Website

The last month has seen nearly 1,000 hits on www.BriarwoodFL.com which shows that many of you already know you can use your wbesite account to:

Next Monthly Meeting

Will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 9th, 2014, at 7:30 PM at The Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. E. All residents are encouraged to come.

June 30th, 2014 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the June 30th, 2014 Briarwood Messenger (1,414 kb), or read it below.

President’s Message

Summer is in full swing here at Briarwood and with it come many additional responsibilities for us homeowners. The grass grows faster, weeds sprout quickly, and bushes and trees double in size.

We all pay an equal share of the costs for keeping our community maintained. Our recently formed Fine Committee is here to help ensure that individual lots are maintained properly and our that property values aren’t diminished by individuals who don’t do their part. Owners need to maintain their properties to the standards they agreed to when purchasing a home in our community. This committee is a leverage arm that will compel those owners who are resistant or lax to do so.

So please be sure your lawn is mowed and edged (bag or blow those grass clippings so they’re not covering sidewalks and driveways), trees and bushes are trimmed (note that Waste Management will not pick these up unless they are bundled, bagged, or placed in trash cans), keep the exterior of your home (including driveways, sidewalks and mailboxes) free of mold and mildew, and if your home is in need of painting or your roof requires repair, now is a great time to get those done.

If you are interested in serving as an alternate for the Fine Committee, please contact April Lipstein, our Community Association Manager with Casey Condominium Management, at 727-4698. It would be great to have an individual we can call upon should one of our regular members be unavailable.

June 10th Board Meeting Recap

Owner’s Comments: It was brought to the attention of the Board that part of the west boundary fence is leaning after a recent storm that brought high winds. The Board agreed the repair should be addressed.

There were remarks from several owners over the inflatable bounce house for the July 4th cookout and the liability the Association might incur. This was cancelled when the vendor failed to provide the promised insurance.

Financial Report: As of May 31, 2014, our Checking Account held $117,164.00, plus $50,096 in our Money Market Account and $56,524 in CD’s. In addition, we had $58,576 in our Reserve Fund, for Total Assets of $282,360.

Architectural Review Committee Requests: The Board reviewed many requests for approval of exterior paint colors. All were approved.

South Gate Maintenance: Board member Doug Dillon explained that there was a need to replace and repair the hinges on the gate, along with adding a self-locking latch. The gate had been found hanging open numerous times. He reported that he had requested and received three (3) bids on the repair work and recommended Arrow Fence Company. The Board voted and approved this bid. The signs on the fence will be replaced as well.

Directors’ Comments: Betsy Hawkins announced that the landscape projects were on hold for now. Manatee County has served our association after a complaint was made concerning the south boundary tree line. They have stated that we are not in compliance, and it will take an estimated 986 bushes and trees along this boundary from 33rd St. to Hwy 301 to be approved. Betsy explained that the extending limbs from the properties south of us will need to be removed to prevent the shading that has caused many of our original shrubberies to die. In addition, some type of irrigation will need to be added to allow the new plantings to thrive. She stated this would be an extensive project to both work on and pay for.

Betsy also added that the new paver pool deck is completed and the big pool has been reopened for residents to enjoy. The Board chose a light colored paver to keep it cooler, and the finished project looks quite nice. Hopefully, residents will stop by to look, even if they don’t use the pool often. The face lift was well worth the week or so that the pool had to be closed.

Welcome To Our New Neighbors

Jack Feeney and Charlotte Campbell at 3027 58th Ter E

What’s Happening

The community Ladies Luncheon will be held on the first Tues., July 1st, at 11:30 AM. This month the group will meet at the Bob Evans restaurant on SR 70 near I-75. Please call Sally Lowe at 941-758-4220 for your reservation.

The Men’s Luncheon is held on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Contact Jim Crummy for the time and the place at 941-758-0409.

Next Monthly Meeting

There will be NO Board meeting for the month of July. The next meeting will be held on Tues., Aug. 12th at 7:30 PM at The Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. E. You are welcome and encouraged to attend. Until then…HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

July 4th Social

Briarwood's July 4th Social Flyer

June 2014 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the June 2014 Briarwood Messenger (681 kb), or read it below.

President’s Message

Volunteering is good for you! It’s been proven to combat depression, improve health, and boost happiness.

Better yet, when you volunteer for the community in which you live, you reap enormous benefits in your quality of life! After all, improving the value of our homes while increasing our own satisfaction with where we live is as positive an outcome as you can get.

Briarwood has a number of volunteer opportunities available and we’d love to have you join us in making this a happy, friendly neighborhood.

Our Social Committee is fun and puts on four events for us each year. The Fine Committee helps us maintain our over-all curb appeal. The Safety Committee checks our common areas and keeps an eye on vandalism.

There may be other opportunities for you to get involved. Think outside the box and let us know if any of the above are of interest to you or if you’d like us to suggest adding a committee. We’re all in this together!

-Jason Miller, President

May 13th Board Meeting Recap

Attorney Collections Recommendations: Attorney Stephen Thompson returned to make suggestions on how the Board should move forward with Briarwood collection of past due assessments. His research showed that no liens have been filed on any of the properties that are behind. He suggested that the Board make a policy for sending notices of intent and when to file liens. When inquiry was made as to his legal fees for filing, Mr. Thompson offered to work on a deferred basis, retrieving the costs from the property owners upon collection.

A motion was approved to appoint Mr. Thompson as our council for legal action concerning our collection policy. Najmy Thompson Law Office was approved to move with notices of intent to file liens on all properties that are over $1,000.00 delinquent.

Owner’s Comments: There was discussion and concern over the new apartment development on our north boundary and its effect on our community. Knowledge of developer and county meetings was relayed.

Fine Committee: This committee was established to be of at least three residents (non-Board members) who will be provided documentation by our Manager detailing why a member should be fined. The fine process was established as follows: 1) Warning letter giving members 21 days to correct the violation or request an extension, 2) Second warning letter providing 10 days before fining will begin, 3) Third letter begins on the 31st day of the violation notice and will fine members $100.00 per day, up to 10 days, if necessary. 4) Members will have the opportunity to schedule a hearing before the Fine Committee within 14 days of the fine notice.

Committee members will decide whether the fine will be upheld, reduced, increased or rescinded. They will have the final authority to make a ruling and the fines will be charged to the member’s pay ledger with no recourse. The committee will have 3 days to deliberate after the hearing and then mail a letter to the member with their judgment.

Casey Management retains an inspector to determine any non-compliance issues. He sends the first letter of violation only after consultation with our Board compliance director. Hopefully, this process will spur our neighbors to make contact with our Board or Manager to determine a plan of action and the Fine Committee will find it’s a boring job.

Financial Report: As of April 30th, 2014, our Checking Account held $131,024.00 plus $50,084.00 in our Money Market Account and $56,313.00 in CD’s. In addition, we had $50,046.00 in our Reserve Fund for Total Assets of $287,467.00.

DIRECTORS’ COMMENTS: Betsy Hawkins informed the members that she has been in contact with Aquatic Systems to determine that Lake 10 has algae on the southeast portion of the community. She was told that the lakes are shallow due to residents dumping grass clippings in the water, and asked that we all blow our grass away from the water when mowing.

Doug Dillon brought up the fact that mail has been missing from their mailbox and any resident having this problem should contact the Postal Inspector to report it.

Misty Pike announced that Briarwood would be having a July 4th Celebration at the large pool. The Board will provide the hot dogs and hamburgers this time, with residents bringing all the other tasty dishes. The Events Committee also plans to provide a bounce house for the kids. Look for more details in the next newsletter, and plan to join us from 3:00-6:00 to share our patriotic spirit.

Special Thanks

Doug Dillon and his wife, Tammy, for spending part of their vacation time rebuilding the main pool door closer so our gate will close completely and safely.

They also took their own time to replace four of the globes and all of the light bulbs at the main pool with fluorescent energy saving light bulbs. Many were cracked and leaking water which kept blowing light bulbs every time they were on and it was raining.

We thank them for their dedication to our community.

Doug is still looking for volunteers to assist with a nightly pool patrol. Please consider this effort and contact him via his email.

Welcome to our New Neighbors

Jenny Rife @ 5843 28th Lane E.
The Bestreskis @ 5730 29th Court E.

If you have moved to the neighborhood in the last 6 months and have not received a welcome basket, please contact Debbie Whitaker (e-mail address at right). Include your phone number so Debbie can contact you or advise her of the best time to come for a visit.


The community Ladies Luncheon will be held on Tuesday, June 3rd, at 11:30 AM at the Longhorn Steakhouse on Hwy 41. Contact Sally Lowe at 941-758-4220.

The Men’s Luncheon is held on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Contact Jim Crummy for the time and place at 941-758-0409.

Work in Progress

The door locks at both pools will be replaced with new ADA compliant ones as the ones we have are both non-compliant and loose. They will be rekeyed, so the current keys our homeowners have will still work after replacement. This will be more cost and time effective.

Repair will be made to the gate at the south end of 33rd Street. One of the brackets is coming out of the wall and needs to be repaired before closures can be installed on the gates to keep them from remaining open for days.

Next Monthly Meeting

Will be held on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014, at 7:30 PM at The Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. E. Please plan to join us.

May 2014 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the May 2014 Briarwood Messenger (SIZE kb), or read it below.

President's Message

It takes a village...

That saying doesn’t just pertain to raising a child, but also to keeping things running smoothly. And we need your help. Yes, you.

Do you see people accessing the tennis courts or pools without a fob?
Kids (I sure hope it’s kids, not adults) throwing deck chairs in the pools?
Trees or shrubs that need to be replaced or repaired? Anything that you think may need Board Member or Management Company involvement?

Let us know! You can use the Contact Us page and we have a Facebook Page

Help us keep Briarwood clean and attractive by giving us a heads up on anything you may notice. After all, it’s your community!
-Jason Miller, President

April 8th Board Meeting Recap

Attorneys Stephen Thompson and Geoff Nichols of Najmy Thompson, PA, gave a presentation on collections and the actions the Board could invoke to collect assessments. They suggested that the Board of Directors discuss creating a collection policy. The attorneys offered to look at the delinquencies over 90 days late and make a recommendation on actions the Board could make in the best interest of the Association.

Financial Report: As of April 8, 2014, our Operating Checking Account held $153,000.00, plus $50,000.00 in our Money Market Account and $56,000.00 in CD’s. In addition, there was $49,000.00 held in our Reserve Funds, for Total Assets of $308,000.00.

Owners' Comments: A reminder was made that vendors are not allowed to place advertisement signs within the community. A suggestion was made that the Board approach the County to purchase surplus road to prevent the proposed construction of another complex from having driving access through our community.

April 24th Special Board Meeting Recap

The Board received three quotes to install new pavers at the large pool only. SOL Pavers submitted a much lower bid and was chosen by the Board after a review of their work at another community. The installation of pavers, plus sealer, was bid at $11,977.59.

The Board made the decision to utilize $4000.00 of the pool deck reserve funds and transfer the remaining $8,000.00 from the operating surplus balance.

Exterior Change Compliance

Board discussion was held on concerns that some residents are beginning exterior changes to their property before providing the required ARC request. This is a requirement stated in our By-Laws and noncompliance gives the Association the right to require the removal of any alterations. Please take the time to make your changes according to our community rules.

Compliance / Fines Committees

Thank you to the three residents who responded to the request last month to serve on this new committee.

The Board will hold discussion on establishing this system at the May meeting. Volunteers are still needed to serve on the Architectural Review Board.

Thank You

To all who either helped plan, set-up, or attended our first Community Easter egg hunt/Potluck on Sun., April 13th. Special thanks to Jennifer Kenney for her time and effort. We had about 25 children participate in the egg hunt, and 50+ adults provided a delicious potluck dinner to share.

Thanks also to the donations of plastic eggs; they were collected and will be recycled for next year. Look for news next month on a 4th of July celebration.

Crime Watch

New Board member Doug Dillon will be heading up this committee. If you are interested in being a part of a neighborhood watch, contact him or talk to him at the May meeting.

Unwanted Solicitors?

Had your doorbell rung by an ADT salesman lately?

After calling the ADT local office to complain, a resident was told that they had no record of sales reps in our community. When they were informed that we have “No Solicitation” posted, the suggested action was to ask to see a required photo ID with the local office number. Residents should then report the names to this number.

Please Do Not

Swim in our lakes! Two pools are provided and they are sanitized and critter free.

Park on the grass! We all pay for the irrigation system (and its repairs) in our common areas. It is not designed to withstand the weight of a vehicle. Ask your guests to use the street or the swimming pool parking lots.

What's Happening

The community Ladies Luncheon is held every month on the first Tues. @ 11:30. Make plans for June 3rd, and call Sally Lowe for reservations at 941-758-4220.

The Men’s Luncheon is held for our gentlemen on the second Thurs. each month. Contact Jim Crummy at 941-758-0409 for the time and place.

A Children’s Playgroup now meets on the first Thurs. monthly from 9:30-11:00 at the tennis courts.

Vacation News

If you will be out of town for the summer, and would like to continue receiving your newsletter, drop a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Board member Betsy Hawkins.

Welcoming Committee

New residents may contact Debbie Whitaker to receive a welcome visit & basket.

Board Member Certification

On April 24, 2014, the entire Board of Directors, Jason Miller, Misty Schwartz Pike, Elizabeth Hawkins, Deborah Whitaker and Doug Dillon took three hours out of their evening to attend a Board Certification Class.

They have each now completed the required course to become Board Certified in accordance with the Florida Statutes.

Next Monthly Meeting

will be held on Tuesday, May i3, 2014, at 7:30 PM at The Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. Please join your neighbors.

March 2014 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the March 2014 Briarwood Messenger (950 kb), or read it below.

President’s Message:

You don’t think of April as being the beginning of a new year, but here at Briarwood it is. The end of March heralds a new Board, your neighbors, who will be volunteering their time and resources to the management of our community.

Deborah Whitaker, last year’s President, remains on the Board and I can’t thank her enough for all she did. Her efforts brought repairs and landscaping improvements that make Briarwood a much more attractive neighborhood. Our website was brought online, giving residents a new way to submit concerns and contact the management company and board members. The newsletter keeps everybody informed and up-to-date. And the social committee has put together one successful event with more planned in the coming year.

Briarwood is a great community and we’ll strive to continue improvements in appearance and communication. I urge each of you to get involved by attending the formal meetings, joining a committee, or even just by being good neighbors.

Happy new year, Briarwood residents!
-Jason Miller, President

March 27th Annual Meeting Recap

As no names were submitted for election to the Board, our By-Laws allow for the continuation of our current members through the next year. An election of officers was held and Jason Miller will now serve as President, Misty Pike as Vice-President and Betsy Hawkins will continue as Secretary and Treasurer. Debbie Whitaker will remain on the Board. A nomination was made and approved to have Doug Dillon fill the vacant seat.

Doug Dillon: Doug, his wife Tammy, and two children have been residents of Briarwood since 2007. Doug is a Property Manager for the Manatee County School District. He and Tammy like to spend their free time with their family and antiquing. Doug says, “I’m glad to serve my community however I can.”

Financial Report: As of February 28th, 2014, we held $154,216 in our Operating Checking & Money Market Accounts, plus $56,315 in CD’s. Our Reserve Fund holds $48,938 for Total Assets of $259,469.

Landscape Bids: Two Brothers Landscape company was chosen to remove the Washingtonian palm on 58th Dr. E., and the section of tall grass on the south boundary for the lowest bid of $300.00 per service.

Volunteer Committee Members Needed: The Board expressed the need for volunteers to serve on the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and to form a Fines Committee. Both require 3 members each. The Fines Committee would meet only when a resident requests a hearing within 14 days of receiving a fine notice. The committee will listen to the resident’s explanation and then make a recommendation to the Board to waive, reduce, or justify the fine. Florida law now allows for liens to be placed on properties for non-payment.

Events Committee: Misty Pike is now leading this committee. They hope to see many of you attend the upcoming Spring Social on Sun., April 13th.

Next Monthly Meeting: will be held on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014, at 7:30 PM at The Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. All are encouraged to attend.

Briarwood Children’s Playgroup:

A community playgroup has been formed and is meeting the first Thurs. of the month from 9:30-11:00 (weather permitting) at the tennis courts.

For more information or to be added to the email list, contact Jennifer or Christine.

Editor’s Note:

After reviewing the information in this edition, you will see the reference to the word, “community,” in both print and through requests to serve and come together. As a reminder to those of us who make up this one, it is: “a group of people living together in the same area, under the same laws, and having common interests;” thus, “ownership in portions of land belonging equally to and shared by all the inhabitants.” Only by abiding by those laws and sharing in the care of that land and its inhabitants, can we be a great community.

Resident Requests:

Teenage girls interested in babysitting weekends for one child send info to kppt53@gmail.com

New residents are looking for other tennis players for doubles at the advanced beginner to intermediate level. Contact us at larrysny@yahoo.com or call 941-201-4816.

February 2014 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the February 2014 Briarwood Messenger (769 kb), or read it below.

President's Message

Dear Briarwood Neighbors,

Yearly elections are right around the corner. If you are interested or have someone in mind to run, please include names with your election materials by March 3rd.

At election time I will be saying goodbye as HOA president. I was asked to fill the remaining six months after the former president stepped down and these six months have gone by quickly. The new appointment is for a 2 year-period and previous obligations keep me from considering a return.

I want to thank everyone for your support and patience as I’ve been in a continual learning process since arriving on the scene. Meeting and getting to know my neighbors has been a rewarding experience. Some really nice people live here. We should all take pride in this.

Thanks again and blessings to all,
Debbie Whitaker

Spring Cleaning!

Spring is around the corner as Punxsautawney Phi informs us, though our northern neighbors might take exception to this!

And as spring approaches it is time for us to start cleaning the inside and outside of our properties. I’m sure we all look forward to having our yards green again and getting to play in our gardens. I would remind us all to keep our lawns looking their best.

This not only helps our property values but show we care about community, our neighbors and having a beautiful place to live.

Several Reminders


Scoop Your Dog Poop
Keep your dog on a leash

These are the law and fines can be levied up to $500. For information regarding these laws google or check the library under Manatee County Animal Ordinance 12-10, Sect. 2-4-12 and 2-4-24.

When possible, please keep your vehicles parked on your driveway! Our streets are narrow and too many cars or trucks can pose a problem for emergency vehicles.


Fees are always due on March 1 but as materials were late going out late fees would not be charged til April 15.

Should you have problems or questions please contact Casey Management.

Clean Slate Letter

Please note the new date March 5th for materials. Feb 14 obviously has passed. Please contact Casey Management if you have problems or need help.


Manatee County is aware of the cracks and uneven sidewalks we have throughout the neighborhood. They placed barricades in several of the more noticeable locations. It may take them several months to correct the problem, so please use caution until they are able to fully correct the problems.


Casey Management contacted Manatee County to come out at our request concerning several potholes throughout the neighborhood.

Manatee County went through the entire subdivision and filled any potholes found within Briarwood, including the specific ones we alerted them to on 57th Ave E and they said they found one on 56th.

They were grateful we called as they do not often ride through subdivisions and like to stay on top of these types of things. How nice is that!

Welcoming Committee

Are you new to the neighborhood and would like a welcome basket? Contact Debbie Whitaker

February 11th Board Meeting Recap

Owners Comments: Included information about changes in FEMA’s flood maps and potential flood insurance impacts for some residents; notification about pool lights being out; compliments to TruScapes for progress on the fire ant issues throughout our common areas; and the water level in the pool being low.

Old Business: Pool Deck / Lake Erosion: Deborah Whitaker informed those present that she had the pool inspected by an engineer who agreed that the pool is not suffering from lake erosion.

All pool paver quotes were not received and the discussion on pool decking was tabled until after the annual meeting.

The announcement was made that the community is still in need of Compliance/Fine Committee Members.

New Business: Financial Report: Betsy Hawkins provided the following: The Assessments are due March 1, 2014 in the amount of $260.00. The cash position to date is as follows: Operating Checking $108,437.22, Operating MM - $50,034.53 and Reserves MM at $47,932.07.

A few members of the Board did meet with Stephen Thompson and Rick Weller of Najmy Thompson, P.A.

The Clean Slate letter was reviewed by Attorney Stephen Thompson and went out with the First Notice of Annual Meeting.

The Board is working to verify that our Bylaws were recorded.

A discussion began on updating the language of our Covenants to remove the developer language from the current documents as the developer turned over the association to the membership long ago and bring the language up to the current Florida Statutes. Any changes require a vote of the majority of the membership.

Community Involvement

Resident Bill Ditzel with Gulf Coast Fire and Safety Inspected our two fire extinguishers for free. We appreciate all residences who help us keep our community cost down.

Annual Meeting

The next meeting is our annual meeting which will be held on Wednesday, March 26th. Please try to attend.

Spring Community Party

Misty Pike is in charge of the upcoming Spring Fling Community party for Easter.

We are looking for anyone interested in planning or helping in any way. Also, donations of plastic eggs, bags of candy or small toys to fill the eggs and any other decorations of Easter or spring that homeowners would be willing to donate for the event are greatly appreciated.

Contact Misty Pike for more information or to offer your help and/or donations. We had such a great turn out for the holiday party. Let’s make this one even better.

January 2014 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the January 2014 Briarwood Messenger (708 kb), or read it below.

Editor’s Note

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to look forward to a new year and new beginnings in our little corner of the world. We got off to a good start with the first annual Christmas potluck gathering of Briarwood residents on Dec. 15th. Along with the good food and fun, many new acquaintances were made. The hope is to continue these events several times each year. All input and help is welcome. We will only be as successful as we are supportive.

President’s Message

Dear Briarwood Neighbors,

Happy New Year.

I hope all had a wonderful holiday.

A huge thank you to all those responsible for making the community party such a success. This was a great way to get in the Christmas spirit and a great time was had by all.

If you missed out I hope you’ll make the next social. Misty Pike is our social chairman so if you wish to help, please let her know.

The new year brings new challenges and issues for our neighborhood. Elections are right around the corner, so if you are interested in being on the board or know someone who is get the word around. We are missing a Vice-President.

Committee members are also needed. This is a good way to be involved, get to know your neighbors and help the community.

Secondly, a 51% vote of homeowners is needed for any amendments to be changed or new board members to be elected. This is so important for us all. You can’t complain about codes or restrictions or board members if you are not willing to vote. Your vote does matter. If you have issues you feel need to be voted on or amendments made, please e-mail them.

Finally, election, voting materials, and the yearly budget will be mailed shortly. Please read and save. The information is important.

As always, I welcome your emails and will try to respond in a timely manner.

Debbie Whitaker

Briarwood Celebration

A big thanks goes out to our big-hearted residents that gave of their time, talent and treasures to help decorate our entrances and big pool area, in addition to planning activities for our children. We owe a big thanks to our very own Briarwood Santa, who visited our children at the potluck event also. The biggest thank you is to all who attended to make it such a success.

Home Decorating Contest

Those who attended the potluck cast their votes for the top 8 homes selected. Congratulations to Jeff and Alessandra Sak of 2828 59th Ave. E., who won the first place award! Roger and Jackie Boucher, of 5810 28th St. E., received the first runner-up prize. Our residents truly brightened our community with the spirit of Christmas this year.

Importance of Leadership

If you asked Betsy Hawkins, Misty Pike, Debbie Whitaker, and Jason Miller why they accepted the unpaid, and sometimes unappreciated, role of board member, you would find that they all share the common goal of a well-kept, safe environment and a community that is well-represented and enjoyable for all its residents. Once again, an additional board member position is available when the elections take place at the annual March Membership Meeting. Former board member Richard Newby has resigned. We thank him for his many hours of service and diligent effort in improving aspects of Briarwood common interests. If you feel that you share these common goals and have assets to share please consider giving a year or more to this position. It only takes reading the past six issues of this newsletter to see the dedication that this current board has put forth.

December 10th Board Meeting Recap

Owner's Comments: Included a request for fire ant control in the common areas, the lack of plants on the south boundary, and the ongoing problem of dog owners neglecting to pick up after their pets outside of their personal property.

Board Solutions: TruScapes has been asked to spread treatment for the fire ants and will begin new shrub plantings in March. They have also begun work on trimming and replacing existing shrubs.

Residents are asked to contact the Citizen’s Action number for the Manatee Animal Control @ 941-742-5800 if you witness a dog owner that refuses to pick up their pet’s waste. Fines can be imposed for this action. In addition, residents are encouraged to make an incident report on our BriarwoodFL.com website for this or any other illegal action witnessed within our boundaries.

New Business: The proposed 2014 budget was approved. There was a noted decrease in our operating expenses, the largest being the building and grounds maintenance.

Both pool bathrooms have been refreshed with new paint, mirrors and hygiene improvements.

Casey’s Management is obtaining bids on the repair of the deck at the larger pool. This expense is expected to be covered by the prior year’s surplus.

The Architectural Review committee announced it will begin monitoring paint chips for any new home painting proposals. Residents must have any changes in color approved.

Proposal for Pool Security Camera System: Jason is waiting on bids from two security companies to determine the cost of adding camera surveillance at the pools to our current key fob entry package.

New Briarwood Section Map

For those of you who do not know what section/zone of the neighborhood you live in, Jason was kind enough to print an enlarged version that can be found on the community bulletin board at the large pool. You can also view that image below; click on this link to move to that image.

Neighborhood Crime Watch

For those interested in the neighborhood crime watch, please contact the HOA President. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Department has been contacted about our interest in this endeavor, but in order for this to be effective there must be participation from each section. The deputy in charge informed us that there is a series of four meetings in the process prior to setting up the crime watch. Participation is key.


Compliance issues are ongoing. Should you receive a letter concerning your property please remember you are not being personally picked on. Compliance issues are part of our codes and restrictions and are there for a reason. Though a nuisance at times, and most of us have fallen short at some point, they are important for keeping our community looking its best and maintaining property values. All of us reap the benefits.

Next Monthly Meeting

will be held on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014, at 7:30 PM at the Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. All are welcome.

November 2013 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the November 2013 Briarwood Messenger (708 kb), or read it below.

Editor’s Note

As residents of Briarwood, we may come from different parts of the country, different walks of life, and may not always agree with each other; but, like it or not, we are neighbors. With that in mind, please give our new Activity Committee the chance to try and help us get better acquainted in this season of friendship and giving of ourselves.

President’s Message

Dear Briarwood Neighbors, My best wishes to you for a Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe, and enjoy your time with family and friends. Eat plenty of turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie. Remember to give thanks for all your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving.

Debbie Whitaker

November 12th Bard Meeting Recap

Discussion was held on the proposed budget for 2014. The budget draft will be mailed out this month and voted on at the December 10th meeting. If there is a surplus in next year’s budget, the Board hopes to return it to property owners by reduction of association fees.

Truscapes has begun work as our new landscape management. Their first order of business will be to trim hedges, replace the dead ones, and eliminate weeds. All of our palm trees will be trimmed after that. Residents asked if they could spray the common areas for fire ants. They will also be spraying the grass growing in cracks in the streets and sidewalks. A motion was made and approved to accept Truscapes bid for planting new shrubs along the front wall on 33rd St. and putting down additional mulch in the common areas.

Two bids were received on the cleaning of the pool deck and bathrooms. A motion was made and approved to hire Southwest Services twice a week for $375 per month, including all supplies.

Jason Miller, Safety Director, discussed the contract with our current security company for the pools. A decision needed to be made on the length of our maintenance contract with them. A motion was made and approved to accept a 24 month contract at $178.40 a month, which will cover us through February 2015. At some point, the addition of security cameras could be managed with this system.

Jason announced that the “incident report” page on our website is up and running. Residents are asked to post and share anything they have witnessed or experienced, whether or not law enforcement is contacted and a report filed. This should help us stay informed on where, what and when any mischief is being committed and we can remain anonymous.

Debbie is hoping to set up the first meeting for a Neighborhood Crime Watch after the first of the year. It will be open to all interested residents and be held at the Worship Place church. The second, third and fourth meetings will be for the elected captains of each section only.

Debbie announced that residents will see some sprucing up at the pools in the near future. Hopefully, by the end of the year, the bathrooms will be updated, the surface of the pool decks repaired, and some additional lounge chairs will be added.

Briarwood Christmas Social

Vicky Newby, Chairperson of the Activity Committee, gave a report on the upcoming Dec. 15th social. To ready our community for the upcoming holidays, a Decorating Party is planned for Sat., Dec. 14th at 9:00 AM. All volunteers are asked to meet at the big pool. Refreshments will be provided. The two main entrances and the pool/tennis court area will be decorated. Donations of lights, extension cords, step ladders, greenery or other decorations will be appreciated. Residents may call Betsy Hawkins at 941-755-9013 to deliver items to her house before the 14th. A Christmas tree and stand are also needed to set up at the pool area. The tree will be decorated by crafts the children will make; but any ornaments will also be welcomed. The tree may be returned or donated to the Worship Place church. Donations of small white Styrofoam coffee cups are also requested to use in decorating the tennis court fence.

On Sun., Dec. 15th, the social begins at the big swimming pool at 3:00 PM, with crafts for the children to make for the tree. We are hoping to have Santa come by for a visit around 3:45 to distribute candy. Anyone that would like to donate a bag of wrapped candy may do so at the pool on the 14th during the decorating. A Potluck is planned for 4:00 PM at the pool. Dishes can be brought any time after 3:00. Banquet tables, extension cords and power strips will be provided. The board approved a $125.00 expense to cover the paper/plastic ware for serving. We ask that you bring a dish according to the section you live in as follows for a good variety:

  • Section 1 – Desserts
  • Section 2 – Vegetables/Salads
  • Section 3 – Drinks
  • Section 4 – Appetizers/Breads/Crackers
  • Sections 5 & 6 – Meats/Main Dishes

Briarwood Sections Map

Residents will need to bring their own chairs. Every family is also asked to bring canned food to donate to the Manatee County Food Bank. Anyone who wishes to may join in a neighborhood caroling parade, to leave from the pool around 5:30. Golf carts and wagons could be decorated, and Christmas songbooks will be provided. A separate invitation to this event will be delivered the first week of December with more details. Hopefully, those who know elderly or handicapped residents that cannot make the potluck, will drop off a nice plate of goodies to share.

Briarwood Christmas Ladies Luncheon

The Briarwood Christmas Ladies Luncheon will be held Tues., Dec. 3rd, at 11:30 AM at the Tara Country Club. Guests are asked to bring a $10.00 wrapped gift. Call Sally Lowe at 941-758-4220 for reservations.

Decorating Contest

Our board members will be making the rounds the week before the social taking pictures of the best holiday decorations in our community. They will be posted at the potluck, where those that attend will be able to vote for their favorites. The results will be posted in the next newsletter.

The goal of the Activity Committee is to have some type of social event at least four times a year. An Easter egg hunt is already being discussed for the spring event.

Attention Moms, Dads, and Caregivers

A new Community Playdate Group will begin meeting in January for our young residents. This group will meet on the first Thursday of the month from 9:30-11:00 AM. For location and information call/text Christina Audet at 850-445-1405, or email Jennifer Kenney at jennifer_kenney hotmail.com.

Christina and Jennifer are also members of the Activity Committee and will be in charge of the crafts for the children on the day of the Christmas Social. Donations for this activity can be made by calling the above number or dropping them off at the pool on the 14th. The wish list is as follows: copier paper, construction paper, tape, crayons, stickers, scissors, ribbon, glue.

Next Monthly Meeting

will be held on Tues., Dec. 10th, at 7:30 PM at the Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. All are welcome.

October 2013 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the October 2013 Briarwood Messenger (708 kb), or read it below.

Editor’s Note

he next two months are the busiest in the lives of most people. How lucky we are that we can spend them in this beautiful sunshine and warmth. Our children can trick-or-treat without a coat, we can hang outdoor decorations or do Black Friday shopping in our shorts, and have family gatherings on our lanais, as plants are still blooming!

President’s Message

Dear neighbors, Fall is in the air, even here in sunny Florida and there are several events taking place the whole community can enjoy during this beautiful season. Our Annual Community Garage Sale will take place November 2nd, from 8:00 -2:00. This is a good time to clear out, clean up, throw away, and get to know your neighbors. So, get your yard signs ready, make a little money, and have some fun. The community signs will go up soon and newspaper ads will run Thursday and Friday prior. I apologize for the confusion over dates for the garage sale. Many were concerned and disappointed about the date being Nov. 9th, so the date has been changed to Nov. 2nd. Mark your calendar!!

TruScapes, our new landscaping company, will be on board this November and “beauty treatments” will begin for all the common areas and our front entrances. By next spring, we hope to have all the dead shrubs replaced, trees trimmed, and the hedges looking neat, even and healthy. The fence line along 33rd St. will be the first to get an upgrade. We want all who are driving by to notice what a pretty and well-maintained community we have.

I’ve mentioned scheduling a neighborhood Crime Watch meeting. The deputy in charge has limited times available through the end of the year. We may have to wait until after the first of the year; but we will get this activated.

As the Halloween holiday comes this week, please make sure your goblins are safe and be on the lookout for any “out-of-the-ordinary” mischief. The non-emergency number for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Dispatch is (941) 747-3011 to report any suspicious activity.

Rumor has it that the Activities Committee is planning some fun events for the holidays. Let us show our support and have a great turn out.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

Debbie Whitaker

September 17th Board Meeting Recap

Code Enforcement:: Management presented a spreadsheet to the board members. This template will be used going forward. Inspections will begin the upcoming week. The spreadsheet will be updated and the board will approve the letters that will be sent.

Landscape contract: After review, the board approved a motion to terminate the G & S Landscaping contract effective November 10, 2013. The board also approved the termination of the Suncoast Irrigation contract. Five different bids were reviewed for a new contract that would include mowing, trimming, and irrigation maintenance. Truscapes was awarded the contract with a bid of $43,863.00 for the full service.

Pool Cleaning Bids: The selection of a bid to clean the pool baths and facilities was tabled until the Nov. meeting due to errors in specifications.

Crime Watch: It will require 4 training meetings with crime prevention officers for Briarwood to become certified. It was suggested that group captains be designated to help organize the volunteers for this watch. A Board member reported that he had to contact the Sheriff’s office recently, due to teenage mischief. This could have been costly to Briarwood residents involving the pool. Although there were no arrests, a report was filed with the names of those involved. It was suggested that calls be made to the non-emergency number and ask them to file a report anytime we see suspicious activity or vandalism taking place.

Our webmaster, Jason Miller, just launched an Incident Report page that can be accessed at for those residents that have set up a website account.

With the upcoming yard sale and Halloween, we will have many visitors to our neighborhood. Please be extra watchful for us all.

Activities Committee Meeting

Chairperson, Vicky Newby, has called a meeting of this committee to discuss and plan a December holiday event. If you are interested in planning or lending a hand, please attend at the big swimming pool on Sun., Nov. 10th from 2:00-3:00. You may also email Vicky at buffnewby gmail.com . A tentative date for this event is Sun., Dec. 15th. The committee would like to hold a decorating party for the common areas on Sat., Dec. 14th for all interested. Any donations of decorations will be appreciated. Full details will be reported at the next Board meeting and included in the Dec. newsletter. May we enjoy our holidays together, as neighbors!

A BIG Welcome to New Neighbors

  • Crystal Smith & Mike Kostic
    3149 57th Ave. Circle E.
  • Tom & Lynn Suits
    5722 31st Court E.
  • Lenni Lee Nilsson & Jennifer Kenney
    3010 58th Terrace East
  • Larry & Jeri Stewart
    3163 57th Ave. Circle E.

Any new resident that has not been contacted by the Welcoming Committee may contact Debbie Whitaker for a gift basket.

Monthly Ladies Luncheon

This group meets on the first Tues. of each month at 11:30 AM. The location rotates, so call Sally Lowe at (941) 758-4220 to be added to the reservation list and take the opportunity to meet with your neighbors.

Monthly Men’s Luncheon

Our gentlemen also meet monthly on the second Thursday. Contact Jim Crummy at (941) 758-0409 if you are interested in joining them.

Next Monthly Meeting

will be the second Tues., Nov. 12th, at 7:30 PM at The Worship Place , 5535 33rd St. All are welcome.

Website Account Membership

If you haven’t yet signed up for an account on the new and expanding Briarwood website, request an account here.

In the Member’s Only section, you will be able to download copies of our covenants and restrictions, read the minutes of the Board meetings, download and fill out a request form for architectural review, and even submit a Compliance Report where residents may fill in compliance infractions for a review by Casey Management.

Thank you Jason, for your diligence and expertise in our website development.

September 2013 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the September 2013 Briarwood Messenger (648 kb), or read it below.

Editor’s Note

Acting as the one who gathers the news so I may pass it on to you, I do indeed see the need for a community newsletter. As you continue to read each issue, you will agree that a lot can happen in a month. As I wrote last month, two new members were added to our Board of Directors at the Sept. 17th meeting. Please join me in welcoming our new President, Debbie Whitaker, and Jason Miller.

President’s Message

Dear Briarwood neighbors, I welcome the opportunity to be president for the Briarwood Association and look forward to meeting more of my neighbors.

All new boards have start up problems and new issues to deal with, so I ask for your patience as we once again start anew, with a new president, new board members, and a new management company. Hopefully, the transition will not be hazardous to anyone’s health!

I extend my sincere appreciation to all past presidents and board members. Thank you for all that you did for our community.

The main mission of our HOA is to keep our community looking beautiful and keeping it safe for our residents. To that end, I hope we all will be responsible stewards of our property, respectful of our neighbors, and keep a watchful eye for safety concerns.

I welcome all neighbors to the monthly meetings. The more involvement from everyone, the better our community will be. Please feel free to email me with any concerns you might have. I’ll try to respond in a timely manner.

Debbie Whitaker

Briarwood Website

You should check it out if you haven’t already. Go to BriarwoodFL.com to do so. Even better, Like “Briarwood Florida” on Facebook to receive a notification when updates are made to our website.

New Board Members

Debbie Whitaker: Myself, my husband Glen and son Wesley are new to Florida. We moved here from Knoxville, TN 1 1/2 years ago.

We are graduates from the University of Tennessee and we love our VOLS even though the team has had a bit of “coaching difficulty” the past several years. Our son is a true Gator fan so it gets a bit crazy during football season.

I have an art and advertising background and love all things related to the arts and design. My husband is a commercial contractor and loves fishing so this beautiful place we’ve moved to is perfect for his favorite past time. Our son is torn between the mountains and the ocean.

Jason Miller: You might recognize the name from the newsletter “thank you” to Palm Printing, and yes, he is the one to thank. Jason and his wife, Carey, have been residents of Briarwood since 2005, and both were born and raised right here in Manatee County. Jason has worked for Palm Printing in Lakewood Ranch since 2004. He enjoys scuba diving, kickball, and working on the Briarwood website, which he is responsible for both design and input. Jason says, “I will look for ways to open communication between the residents of Briarwood and the Board in order to ensure the best interests of the community are served.”

Under New Management

As many of you know, Casey Condominium Management Company was chosen by our board at the August meeting. What you may not know is they were formed in 2002. Even though their first clients were condominiums, other homeowner communities they manage include:

  • Greenfield Plantation – 600 homes
  • Barrington Ridge – 300 homes
  • Cottages at Blue Vista – 175 homes

They are managing budgets that range from $42,000 to $925,000 per year.

September 17th Board Meeting Recap

Treasurer’s Report: As of August 31st, 2013, we held $164,101.53 in the Operating Account, with $55,751.61 in Operating CDs. Our Reserve Account holds $45,553.10, for total assets of $265,406.24.

Our association attorney, John Fleck, discussed foreclosures, bad debts and payment plans. Interest fees will be suspended for homeowners that are on a payment plan for HOA dues, as long as the payments are up to date. A motion was made and approved to have Betsy Hawkins, Secretary/Treasurer, be our liaison to the Association’s attorney.

Discussion was held on the 41 letters of noncompliance violations that were mailed out. Bridget Spence, Casey’s manager, apologized for the wording of the letters and for not taking the list of violations to the Board of Directors before sending them out upon their first inspection.She stated that those letters would be dismissed and that the Board would be contacted before sending letters out after their next inspection. She also stated that their intent is to initiate communication with the homeowner on solving the problems. So, it will be in our best interest to call them to discuss any future letters of violation.

West Boundary: It has now been cleaned up and the fence repair is completed. Owners that back up to that boundary have stated their satisfaction.

Pool Janitorial Maintenance: Three proposals have been presented; but the topic was tabled.

Landscape Service Contract: Several companies have made bids; but this topic was also tabled until Caseys could have discussion with the vendors, as the proposals were not correct. The South Boundary has been mowed. However, the Board will not pursue brush cleanup there until proposals have been corrected.

Entrance Landscape Presentation: Jason Pike, resident and owner of Manatee Horticulture, gave a presentation on their proposal to update the landscaping around the first entrance sign. No decision was made at this time.

Pool Drainage: The new gutters have been installed at the large pool; but a drainage problem remains. Richard Newby stated the downspouts need to be redirected.

Activity Committee: Liaison, Betsy Hawkins, announced that residents, Vickie Newby, Jennifer Kenny, Christine Audet, and Tonya McDonald, have volunteered to serve. A motion was approved to establish this committee.

Security Committee: resident, Debbie Whitaker, brought up the possibility of having the Manatee County Off-Duty deputies hold a seminar and speak with our membership at the Oct. meeting. Jason Pike also volunteered to join the rotating patrol. Other residents are also welcomed in this capacity.

Board Directors’ Comments: Your neighbors have asked that you kindly refrain from mowing or running loud motors early on the weekend mornings. We all need our “beauty sleep,” so let’s try to refrain from sunrise lawn manicures.

Membership has been asked to make sure that children are not allowed in the pool without adult supervision.

Size of the Board: A motion was made and approved that our Board of Directors will be made up of five (5) members.

Next Monthly Meeting

Same Place, Same Time BUT New Date: Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 8th. All future meetings will be held on the SECOND Tues. of the month. They are still at 7:30 PM at The Worship Place, 5535 33rd St. All are welcome.

August 2013 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the August 2013 Briarwood Messenger (930 kb), or read it below.

Editor’s Note

As the dog days of summer are winding down, the kids have returned to school, and fall sports have begun, life goes on as our community of Briarwood continues to evolve.

There will be no President’s Message this month, as James Forrest, along with Treasurer, Jane Glanz, have resigned our Board of Directors for personal reasons. Many thanks for their service.

Two new members will be nominated at the next board meeting and officers will be chosen.


The Sept. board meeting has been changed from Sept. 3rd to Tuesday, Sept. 17th, 2013, due to the Labor Day holiday.

August 6th Board Meeting Recap

Treasurer’s Report: As of July 31, 2013, we held $129,239 in the Association Checking Account, and a total Operating Account of $200,241, including CD’s and the Money Market Account. With the addition of $45,541 held in reserves, our Total Assets are $245,782.

West Boundary Fence Repair: Lee Anders had been working on repairs until he was stopped due to overgrowth of vegetation. Manatee Horticultural was contacted to bid on the clean up six feet from the fence for a total of $1,800. The motion was made and passed to accept this bid.

CD Purchase: The interest amount from last month’s purchase decision was in error. The surplus $50,000.00 would draw 0.6% interest for a period of 14 months. The Board discussed and made a motion to transfer the funds into the Money Market Account instead, so that it remains liquid at a rate of 0.30%. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Tennis Court Drainage Issue: A bid of $280.00 by Wilhite Aluminum was accepted by the Board to install the gutters and connect them to the existing downspouts. This does not include the digging and connecting to drainage pipe to extend the water flow to the lake.

New Management Selection: The Board terminated the contract with Lighthouse Management effective July 31st. Richard Newby made a motion to accept Casey Condominium Management’s contract. All members voted in favor, except Jane Glanz. Present at the meeting were: Bridget Spence, owner/manager and Taylor Anderson, who will be our contact person for Briarwood.

Key Fob Distribution: The remaining key FOBs that have not been picked up will now be turned over to Casey’s and owners will need to contact them. In discussion on the pool security system, it was decided to extend the release time on the emergency button at the pools.

Welcoming Committee: Rachel Blair was accepted as a new member to the committee.

New Landscaping Bids: The Board asked the new management company to obtain three bids for a new landscape company that would include all irrigation and pest control in the common areas, in addition to the trimming of both the west and south boundaries. They also asked for bids to perform the janitorial duties at both pool areas.

Basketball vs. Tennis Courts: There was much discussion on the suggestion that a basketball hoop be installed at the tennis courts. That idea was tabled when an agreement could not be reached.

New Activities Committee: Betsy Hawkins suggested that we form this committee and have residents volunteer to join in forming events that would include all of our residents a few times each year. Here’s your chance if you like to throw a BIG party!! Call 941-755-9013.


ZUMBA has found its way into our community. Licensed instructor and resident, Sharyl Caruso, has set up her talents on our tennis courts for any of those interested on Sat. mornings from 9:00-10:00 AM. The classes are for residents and their guests and beginners are welcome. For more info, call Sharyl at 941-266-2491.

Monthly Ladies Luncheon

Resident, Sally Lowe, would like to extend an invitation to join the ladies on the first Tues. of each month at 11:30 for lunch and the opportunity to meet with your neighbors. The Sept. luncheon will be at Recipe Box. Call Sally at 941-758-4220 to be added to the reservation list.

Monthly Men’s Luncheon

Not to be outdone, approx. 8 men meet for a similar outing on the second Thurs. of each month. Contact Jim Crummy @ 941-758-0409 if you are interested.

Welcome to our Newest Neighbors

Timothy & Mary Ellen Healy Family
5851 28th Lane E.

Derek & Cheryl Szarko Family
5819 28th Lane E.

Jason Smith & Jasmine Bynoe
2819 57th Drive E.

Security Committee

Now that we have discussed the “fun stuff,” we need to address the serious issues that affect us all. Discussion was held at the Board meeting concerning the current security patrol that John Marcinkiewicz has organized. There are currently six resident members who volunteer in shifts to patrol the pool areas and tennis courts. The Board decided that Richard Newby should be the liaison between them and the committee. NEWS ALERT: Our community is NOT exempt from crime and vandalism!! We have already had lounge chairs thrown in our pools, along with “waste” that costs us all about $125.00 per treatment to clean up. This is after the key fobs were activated. Briarwood has also had at least one attempted burglary in the past month…in broad daylight. We must keep our eyes and ears open to anything or anyone that is unusual or suspicious. You can do your part by volunteering for the Security Patrol Committee by contacting newbyrv@yahoo.com or calling the Manatee County Sheriff’s dispatch @ 941-747-3011 to report any activity.

Check out our new Website

BriarwoodFL.com thanks to our newsletter printer, Jason Miller. He has some great ideas on how residents can make the most of this means of communication.

The Price We Pay to Live in Paradise

Misty Pike, our Compliance Director, reports that several letters are going out to homeowners who are in violation of Section 5.1 (g) for simple lawn maintenance. Please take the time to keep your lawns and hedges trimmed and landscape beds free of weeds during this wet growing season.

Dues are Due

Yes, it’s that time again to pay our bi-annual dues of $269.00 as of Sept. 1st. Casey’s Management has been kind enough to enclose a self-addressed envelope in their letter of introduction, so we won’t have the excuse of not knowing where to send it. If you need help with changing an automatic withdrawal, feel free to contact their office at (941) 922-3391.

Next Monthly Meeting

will be held on Tues., Sept. 17th, at 7:30 PM. Come join us at The Worship Place Church, 5535 33rd St.


Due to the fact that the last meeting was not adjourned until 9:23 PM, the Owner’s Comments will now be addressed at the beginning of each Board meeting. In addition, each resident will be held to three (3) minutes. Any extensive issues should be emailed to one of the following Board members:

Richard Newby: Vice-President
Betsy Hawkins: Secretary and acting Treasurer
Misty Pike: Head of Compliance
Tonya McDonald: Newsletter Editor
Contact Casey’s Management

July 2013 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the July 2013 Briarwood Messenger (562kb), or read it below.

Editor’s Note

I do hope you found our first newsletter to be both informative and yet, interesting. I will continue to strive to give you both. However, as fellow residents of Briarwood, your contributions and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

President’s Message

“As we strive to keep Briarwood a wonderful community, the decision was made to move on from Lighthouse Management. We want a company that is going to work with and for us. At the next board meeting, August 6th, we will vote and sign on with a new company. Given the time of the year, the first order of business will be to handle the bi-annual dues for Sept. We would love to see you at the meeting; but if you can’t make it, don’t worry. A notice will go out and let you know who the new company is and where payments should be sent. Thank you for your patience in these matters and hopefully, you’ll see the benefits of the change.”

-James Forrest

June 4th Board Meeting Recap

Treasurer’s Report: As of May 31, 2013, our Operating Account held $149,000. With Reserves held at $46,000., plus $55,000. in CD’s. Our bad debt and uncollected dues are now $61,000., with Total Assets being $272,000.

Deed Restriction Report: A total of 12 violation letters were sent out in May. It was noted that our community documents state that, if residents fail to comply, at the Board’s discretion, they can be referred to the association’s attorney.

New Finance Committee: This committee was approved unanimously and is made up of Board members, Jane Glanz and Betsy Hawkins, along with Michael Audet and Carey Miller.

West Boundary Fence Repair: The board voted to accept the bid of Anders Home Services to make the repairs for $1,150.00.

CD Purchase: After previous discussion, the board voted to purchase two (2) CD’s of $25,000.00 each, for a period of 14 months @ 0.75% interest.

Tennis Court Drainage Concern: A motion was passed to obtain bids to install a new gutter at the rear of the large pool building, with downspouts to drain to the lake, in order to alleviate the pooling of water on the new court surface.

New Pool Key Fob Distribution: A motion was passed to instruct Lighthouse to mail the information letter on the distribution to all residents immediately.

Pool Vandalism: A motion was passed to obtain bids to install a black chain link fence to enclose the electrical panel at the rear of the large pool building, due to recent vandalism.

Plant Fund: A motion was passed to earmark $3,500.00 for trees, plants, and plantings to enhance the color and beauty of the Briarwood common grounds.

New Welcoming Committee: A motion was passed to form and appoint board member, Jane Glanz, along with Debbie Whitaker and Cynthia Kelly, as our welcoming committee.

Owner Comments: Residents are allowed time at the end of the board meetings to make comments on issues of concern. Those presented were: cracks in the sidewalks, irrigation repairs, the need to revisit the security patrol, and stating the “No Solicitation” sign at the entrances in a more pronounced form.

Let’s give a BIG hand to our board for making all of those decisions, doing their best to represent us all, and in a little more than an hour!!
See what you’re missing?

Key Fob Success

In addition, our board members took 2 hours of their time on 2 different weekends for the distribution of these new fobs. They have reported that over 200 residents came to collect them. If you were NOT able to do so, you may obtain yours by calling Betsy Hawkins at 941-755-9013.

Pool Restroom Keys

One thing overlooked in changing to the new electronic entry system was the need for the old key to lock and unlock the pool restrooms. For those of you who disposed of or cannot find the one you possessed, you may also call Betsy on that and she will have one made for you.

Please remember to lock those doors back before you leave the pool, as that is the point of some of the vandalism that has occurred.

Important to Remember

The purpose of these electronic keys was not only to keep out those who are not residents, but to be able to keep a record of who has had access to the pools or tennis courts. Each fob has its own unique code, and board members are able to obtain a printout for specific days and times if a need arises to determine which residents were present. Therefore, none of us should be so nice as to let someone in that does not have one, unless you know for a fact that they are a resident. It’s up to us, as common owners, to keep those that are not out of our property.

Please Review Pool Rules

Now that we have a good security system that will, hopefully, put an end to our vandalism problem, take the time to read the rules posted the next time you visit. Even better, have your children read them too! You will see that there is a limit of how many guests you should bring at one time, that there is NO diving, that underage children require an adult, that babies should be wearing swim diapers, that dogs are NEVER allowed and other rules that were set to make everyone’s recreation experience a pleasant one. If it is not, you should contact one of our board members, who will take it from there. Individual key fobs may be disarmed if need be, for any association violation.

Note from Compliance Director

Please be aware that vehicles are not permitted to be parked on any grass area. We may be happy to see the rainy season emerge to save on water usage; but we all need to make an extra effort to keep our lawns and plants trimmed to match the growth. Let’s all give a shout out to those neighbors who have gone the extra mile to turn homes and lawns that were less than attractive into assets that reflect well on our entire neighborhood!! You may contact Misty

Welcoming Committee

Welcome to our Newest Neighbors: Our new Welcoming Committee reports that we have two new residents in recent months.

Dave & Hope Carey @ 3156 57th Ave. Cir. E.

Michael & Jennifer Kenny @ 3142 57th Ave. Cir. E.

The committee plans to gift new residents with goodies, along with our association rules documents, monthly meeting info, names of board and committee members to contact, as well as the management company representative. Any new resident who has not been visited this year may call Jane Glanz at 941-753-7147 or Debbie Whitaker at 865-724-4976.

Let’s make an effort to make our new neighbors feel welcome. A BIG thank-you goes out to new Finance Committee member, Michael Audet, who threw a fantastic July 4th block party for his neighbors!

Things to Look For in the Near Future

Look for news next month about renewing the women’s and men’s monthly luncheons.

There are also plans for our own website that could have many new possibilities.

It’s amazing what can happen when we all use our talents for the benefit of others. Contact the editor with your ideas or call Tonya at ( 941) 580-6582.

June 2013 Briarwood Messenger

You can download a PDF copy of the June 2013 Briarwood Messenger (897kb), or read it below.

Happy 25th Birthday Briarwood!!

Briarwood Master Association, Inc. was filed as a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation on May 27, 1988.

Editor's Note

Once again, an attempt will be made to publish a monthly newsletter to keep our residents updated on decisions and changes that affect the 355 property owners that call Briarwood home.

Our newest editor, Tonya McDonald, will do her very best to bring you information you want and need concerning your home front.


You may or may not have noticed that, as of your latest HOA dues in March, we are no longer managed by Action Association, but Lighthouse Property Management. The news from our board is that Action closed and sold our contract to Lighthouse. For those who have attended any of the recent monthly meetings, you would have seen Frank Santoro, who is their representative.

As of the March 27th Annual Members Meeting, our Board of Directors is now made up of two returning members, three new members and two remaining positions open. They have each been asked to give a brief bio on themselves.


Our new President is James Forrest and one of two returning members. He and his wife have two beautiful daughters, ages 12 and 10, and have been residents of Briarwood since 1998. James works for the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office as a lieutenant in the jail. He is a native Floridian and enjoys all our state has to offer. His passion is writing, with one novel under his belt and others in the works. James says, “I’m a big projects guy at work and constantly push for change and efficiency.”

Jane Glanz also returns from last year and has been on and off the board since 2002, and is currently serving as our Treasurer. She has lived in Briarwood since November, 1999. Jane says, “I am continuously looking for ways to help keep Briarwood beautiful. If you see Christmas lights, they are one of my projects.”

Richard Newby is a new member and agreed to serve as our Vice-President. He is also a member of the Architectural Board for Briarwood. He and wife, Vicki, are from Iowa and built their house in Briarwood 11 years ago. He works for the Manatee County Utilities Dept., is a Vietnam Veteran and served in the Air Force. Richard says, “During my free time, you might find me working in my yard or riding my bike. I look forward to serving our community, and I will do my best to make our neighborhood an enjoyable place to live for everyone.”

Misty Pike is another new member and serves as Head of Compliance. She, husband, Jason, and three sons, ages 4, 7 & 13, have lived in Briarwood since June of 2000. She has lived in Bradenton most of her life and is a Manatee County teacher. She enjoys living in a family friendly neighborhood, as well as our nice lakes and natural wildlife. Misty says, “It is important that we work to uphold our neighborhood bylaws to keep Briarwood looking its best. I am excited about being on our community’s board and look forward to assisting in keeping our neighborhood looking great.”

Betsy Hawkins is the third of our new board members and is serving as our Secretary. She and husband, Jack, moved to Briarwood four years ago from Sebastian, FL. She is retired from the accounting field. She uses her “free time” now volunteering at an elementary school and gardening, and enjoys walking around our community and talking to others. Betsy says, “I believe the goal of our board should be to make Briarwood a community where people enjoy living. I would like to help accomplish this and have the board become more community friendly.”


We have a new Welcoming Committee and Finance Committee (more committees on the way). If you would be willing to say “Yes!!” to either of the above, please contact Jane Glanz our board treasurer. Don’t be surprised, as I was, when they come knocking on your door to ask you to volunteer if you don’t. Although, you may also find, as I did, that giving a little of your time to the community you share brings you new friendships, a feeling of ownership and an awareness of how and why a Home Owner’s Association is beneficial to us all.

What's New

You will be receiving (if you haven’t already) a letter through Lighthouse Management the first week of June, informing you of the new keyless entry system for our pools and tennis courts. Important dates to remember are June 29th from 9:00-11:00 AM and July 7th from 12:00-2:00 PM for distribution of the FOBs by our board members at the large pool. Homeowners may assign a designee to pick up their FOBs by contacting Lighthouse before June 24th with the name.

Next Monthly Meeting

will be held on Tues., August 6th, at 7:30. FYI….the meetings are now held at The Worship Place Church, 5535 33rd St.

NOTE: As of this meeting, you will have the choice, at sign-in, to have the minutes of the meeting and/or the financial records emailed to you. We have five members of our community volunteering their time to represent the rest of us in the decisions that affect us all. Attending these meetings is your chance to know what the problems are, voice your opinion on how to solve them, and do your part in determining the type of community Briarwood becomes. The refreshments are really tasty too!! Mark your calendars for the first Tues. of the month and plan to attend.

Contact Your Board Members

At the time of this June 2013 Newsletter, the Board Members included:

  • President - James Forrest
  • Vice-President - Richard Newby
  • Treasurer - Jane Glanz
  • Secretary - Betsy Hawkins
  • Head of Compliance - Misty Pike

Contact the Communications Team

Please send your ideas of what you would like to see included in our newsletter to Tonya McDonald

Contact our webmaster Jason Miller

Contact the Management Company

Frank Santoro is our contact at Lighthouse Management

The above information is no longer current. Lighthouse Management's services were terminated and the Board signed a new contract with Casey Condominium Management during the August 6th, 2013 meeting.

April Lipstein is our Community Association Manager and she can be reached via our contact page.