Architectural Review Committee Request

Do you want to make a change or improvement to the exterior of your home or your lot? Download and fill out the request form so we may ensure it complies with our Covenants. Once we have had a reasonable time to review your request, we will contact you with the final decision.

Architectural Review Guidelines

Please note that all changes and alterations to the exterior of the house and property must be approved by the Architectural Review Board.

1. Residences and other structures not erected by JDH or Diamond Homes must meet the approval of the Architectural Review Board. And for residences/garages a fee of $25 may be charged to cover the costs of paper and the like generated in the approval process.

2. Fences are to be black vinyl chain link only, and no higher than four feet. And they must not block access to the Common Lands.

3. Exterior Lights

- one pole lawn lantern per home, and only on the front lawn, no higher than 7 feet or the lowest roof line at the front of the house. And the lantern may not throw an excessive amount of light. They are for decorative, not security purposes, and should not function as replacements for street lighting.

- security lights may be mounted on the home and garage, but they must be of acceptable home security design. No Yard Lights and such that illuminate the neighborhood. Design of these lights should be to limit the illumination to the owner's property only.

4. Additions to residence or garage

- Roofing of additions must match the roof of the main residence and garage. No other roofing is acceptable with the exception of screening over screening pools and patios.

- Additions must not encroach on neighbor's property, nor on common land.

- Additions must have building permits from the county.

- Basketball hoops must be adjacent to the driveway, and only one per property is permitted. The distances from the street and neighboring property must conform to Manatee County regulations.

- No unattached structures. ie, no dog houses, sheds and the like. Pertitted are children 's temporary structures such as swing sets, play houses, etc.

- Satellite dishes of no more than one meter in diameter, and they must not be mounted on the side of the residence (roof or structural walls) facing the street of address.

5. Miscellaneous improvements

- No house numbers on curbs. They are not used by emergency personnel, who rely on house numbers being on the front of the house. And they become unsightly with time.

, etc. must conform to the aesthetic quality of the homes in Briarwood. Though it is discouraged to screen air conditioners as moisture build-up will shorten the life of the unit.

- Landscaping of the areas visible from the street. The approval process is not required, but the Board retains the right to order removal of such landscaping considered unsightly by the members of the Board. No landscaping is permitted on the access easement to the lakes.

- House colors are left to the discretion of the homeowner, with the exception that no patterns such as polka dots, stripes, multi-colored swirls, or other garish designs will be permitted.

Examples of things that require the form to be filled out and approved before work commences include:

  • Exterior painting even if you want to paint the same color
  • New or replacement fence
  • Adding a lanai
  • Adding a screen cage
  • Replacing a roof
  • Other changes and/or improvements to the exterior of your home

Casey Condominium Management

You can contact John Bittar, our Community Association Manager with Casey Condominium Management with any questions you may have about the request form.

You can also contact John by mail to:
4370 S. Tamiami Trail
Suite 102
Sarasota, FL 34231

He can also be reached by phone at (941) 727-4698 or fax at (941) 921-2254