Website Features That Could Be Added

This is a list of just some of the items the Briarwood Board is considering for addition to this website.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: I want to see a list of FAQs such as can I put a shed in my back yard, what kind of fence can I put up, who do I contact about such-and-such, I just moved here, what should I know, etc. I think this is a very important feature. If people realize what they can/should/should not do, I think it will help improve the look of our neighborhood.
  • Expand the info on the About page
  • Local Weather
  • Realtor® and/or Prospective Buyer Information
  • Information for New Residents, including how to contact the welcoming committee if they haven't yet been welcomed to Briarwood.
  • Local Resources (Police, Fire, Animal Services, County Commissioners, Property Appaiser, Utility companies, Local Parks, Nearby schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • Most common violations reported so people remember to take care of them
  • Volunteer Opportunities like they did here
  • Design Guidelines
  • Association Goals and Accomplishments
  • General Homeowner Tips like they did here
  • Garage Sales powered by like:

Password Protected Pages

The Board is considering a password system to allow the website to provide information to our residents and owners that should not be made readily accessible to the public at large. Oversight of the accounts is needed to make sure access is approved only for residents and owners and that the access is removed in the event that user moves/sells.

Once a user has an approved password for the site, here is a list of some features the Board may choose to make available:

  • Covenants, Conditions, & Restricitions
  • Financial Documents
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Upcoming Meeting Agenda
  • List of community vendors
  • Overview of how dues money is spent (password access needed?)
  • Surveys
  • Community Classified (would require oversight)
  • Lost and Found
  • Register for e-mail distribution of Newsletter, Meeting Minutes, etc.
  • Architectural Control Committee requests
  • Resident submission for compliance complaints
  • Include phone numbers for board members if a user is authenticated
  • Preferred Vendors for household services and/or a list of businesses that resident either own or work at with contact info so we can support our neighbors
  • Resident Directory (can include name, address, phone, e-mail, etc. depending on what the resident would like to share) Would require a privacy policy.
  • Email Publisher: Administrators can create email friendly announcements with our Email Publisher and mass email them to members through the website.
  • Committees information